Automating working document processes

Clever solutions to create, manipulate, share and save documents – saving time and reducing risk.

Are you interested in safer, cleaner ways to share documents internally and externally and increase productivity in the workplace?


Would users benefit from office productivity tools, collaboration tools, electronic signatures, and fast and effective templates?


Do you want compatible office productivity tools that integrate with existing systems, creating seamless solutions that enhance working practices and reduce risk?

Useful tools at every stage

  • Create: Speed up the document set-up process with multiple customized templates pulling data from various sources.
  • Clean: Automatically ensure all meta data, comments and tracked changes are removed before sending to a third party.
  • Compare: Spot untracked third party changes including between different formats such as pdf, spreadsheet and presentation.
  • Finalize: Convert to or from pdf with formatting intact, create binders of multiple documents with contents, numbering and cover pages.
  • Sign off: Utilize legally binding digital signatures with date and time stamps for faster more secure sign off.

How we make a difference

We’ve put the multitude of office productivity tools to the test so you don’t have to. The best-of-breed solutions we create pull together the latest thinking and all the benefits your users need at various stages in the document lifecycle. And using our established partnerships and in-house technology experts, we can combine the elements you require into one, integrated solution that enhances and complements your existing IT set up. It’s a win:win situation for users and for your IT team which speeds up processes, mitigates risk, improves consistency and supports mobile working.