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Morae Soft Delete for iManage

Allow users to delete unwanted or duplicate documents from iManage.

The Morae Soft Delete tool is designed to allow users to delete unwanted or duplicate documents from iManage whilst still allowing administrators to maintain control over the full deletion of these documents.

At a glance

Retains deleted documents.

Elect all versions or latest version of a document.

Supports DeskSite or FileSite.

Extensive reporting.

The Morae Soft Delete tool

When a user wants to delete a document they right click on the document and select the Delete Document option.

The deleted documents are still in iManage and not actually deleted, but are hidden from the users view. Administrative users in iManage can search for deleted documents in iManage using FileSite or DeskSite and can completely purge the documents from iManage by doing the real Delete of the document. and moved back into its original folder.

All versions of a document or just the latest version can be exported. Documents that are checked out in iManage can be either skipped or also exported. The file name of the exported documents can be set to use just the description or a combination of the description and document/version number or just the document/version number. The user can select the types of documents (eg. Word documents, Excel documents) to export, or export all documents in the workspace/folder. Once an export is initiated all files that are exported are logged for easy tracing of exports.

Should a document need to be restored for a user the administrative user can just right click on the document and select the Restore Document option and the document will be restored in its original state and moved back into its original folder.

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