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Morae Workspace Designer for iManage

Quick and easy workspace creation and management.

The Morae Workspace Designer for iManage™ is an advanced tool providing quick and easy workspace creation and management synchronised with a site’s in-house billing/practice management application (PMS) and enabling display of key matter/case information directly within iManage.

At a glance

Keep record

Record and track all matters and cases.

Rules in place

Site defined rules for Workspace design.


Integrates with all practice management systems.

A powerful tool

Leverages the power of iManage for the electronic matter/case file.

Information at hand

Displays matter/case information direct within iManage.

The Morae Workspace Designer for iManage™

Legal and Professional Service firms generally require immediate, automatic creation of a corresponding electronic file (any term can be used) when a case or matter (or other applicable term e.g. subject, project, issue) is created within their major line-of-business application.

Workspace Designer monitors that business application (e.g. practice management system), automatically generating a iManage workspace when appropriate, and subsequently maintaining the workspace in synch with the lifecycle of the associated matter/case. Morae’s Workspace Designer manages the ‘whole of life’ of the matter/case workspace, including: creation, changes to matter/case meta-data and security, closing of the matter/case and removing the matter/case from a lawyer’s My Matters list. Workspace Designer includes a major time-saving feature enabling display, against the workspace, of customised site-defined summary information about the matter/case. Optional tabs include: workflow, time-recording, disbursement tracking, events, notes, reports and document generation, together with optional integration to tools such as HotDocs©, Exari©, IdealDocs© or MS Word.

Sites can define and utilise their own customised tabs alongside the generic set provided within Workspace Designer. Workspace Designer integrates with popular practice management applications including Aderant, Elite (3E and Enterprise), Lawsoft, OpenPractice, Inprotech and many others. Workspace Designer matter/case summary information fields – viewed when a user clicks on the workspace within iManage- are completely site-configurable and will adjust the displayed information by matter/case type. Individual users can only access information appropriate for their site-defined security settings.

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We deploy best-in-class technology in support of the entire contract management life cycle from intake to workflow to collaboration to drafting, review and negotiation to execution, sophisticated data analytics, sla/metrics, reporting and dashboards. Some of the solutions we work with include:

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