Intellectual Property Management

A robust Intellectual Property (IP) Management program delivers competitive advantage by effectively promoting and protecting intellectual assets. It impacts both the top and bottom line through efficient management of an IP portfolio across all stages of the IP life cycle from idea generation to abandonment including commercialization and infringement.

Morae’s industry veterans have tremendous experience building and supporting state-of-the-art Intellectual Property Management programs on a global scale.

We have deep experience working with leading solutions such as CPA Global Memotech, Thomson IP Management, IP Manager, Lecorpio’s suite of IP management tools and many other systems.


Our team has:

Intellectual property expertise. We have built Intellectual Property Management programs for some of the world’s leading companies, and we can leverage our experience to deliver a state-of-the-art operation for you.

A full range of practitioners. We have IP lawyers, consultants, technicians and former general counsel on staff who have implemented IP solutions on a global scale.

Process engineering. Our team members are process experts who understand the legal and IP functions and use that knowledge to build systems that improve business performance.

Our efficient, flexible approach to building IP Management programs is methodical, enabling feedback early and often to reduce surprises and maintain strong project buy-in. We help you determine the best approach for IP licensing, litigation and portfolio management as well as plans for getting the work done.