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A modern law department must have effective technology in place to achieve its performance objectives, and these systems must be optimized to deliver effectively for the enterprise. In most law departments, the critical technologies are electronic billing, matter management, document management and contract management. Morae Global has deep expertise in all three.

Our industry experts help legal teams plan, select, implement and maintain technology solutions over time. We have experience with all the leading tools and the knowledge to help our clients use them to improve efficiency and productivity. Our team includes strategy consultants, process engineers, data analytic professionals, technologists, practitioners, implementation experts and former general counsel and directors of legal operations who have spent their careers working in or with law departments worldwide.

We have built partnerships with leading software developers to thoroughly understand their product offerings and provide guidance to our clients. After selection, our in-depth understanding of the tools helps us tailor the technology solution to our clients’ needs. We deliver maximum value from the knowledge that comes with dozens of selections, implementations and configurations.

In addition, our experience with machine learning and AI-based tools enables us to select and implement the right tool(s) to solve your real-world problems.

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Morae Global is trusted worldwide to transform legal, risk and compliance through results-oriented and technology-enabled solutions, and reinvent the legal function as an efficient and integral part of the business value chain.

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