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With the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) set to phase out by December 31, 2021, most financial services organizations and other companies around the world are facing the arduous task of remediating a large number of documents and contractual agreements.

The lack of a well architected plan for LIBOR can incur increased risk and cost, so it is important to work with a partner with the experience to help you efficiently and comprehensively plan, implement and execute your transition to an Alternative Reference Rate.

Morae Global specializes in providing expedited LIBOR transition and other similar legal and compliance solutions. We can assist with end-to-end LIBOR challenges as well as any component part of the program. Our capabilities include determining which contracts meet the risk criteria, efficient identification and analysis of the data and documents that matter, document drafting and end-to-end negotiation.

We can also support your corporate transactions and other large-scale due diligence and repapering exercises to meet time and budget sensitive requirements. This includes contract life cycle management programs for a wide array of contract types, including commercial, real estate, trading and securitizations. We help our clients to separate fact from fiction in the realm of cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence.

Our capabilities include: 


  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Collection
  • Contract Analysis & Classification
  • Data Remediation Strategy
  • Technology selection
  • Program Management


  • Data Preparation & Extraction
  • Clause Library creation
  • Data Integration
  • Calibration & Testing


  • Client Outreach
  • Negotiations
  • Data Repository


  • AI for Performance Insights
  • AI for Risk Identification
  • Conduct & Risk Training

Document and Content Management Services

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