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Matter Management

For gathering, tracking, assigning, and reporting of law department matters

Morae’s Analytics Powered Approach


Unparalleled expertise, relationships and product knowledge to evaluate and implement technology for how clients need to work

A modern law department requires the right technology coupled with well designed processes to ensure the department’s performance objectives are achieved. With workloads increasing, it is critical to have immediate access to accurate matter information and status metrics.

Morae leverages our in-depth know-how to help transform legal groups into nimble, innovative, and results-driven organizations. Our seasoned experts have unmatched experience in successfully deploying matter management and ebilling solutions on a global scale that can be adapted to solve the unique needs of most legal departments. This allows legal teams to gain immediate access to critical metrics. Morae also organizes all of the relevant data for legal matters in one location which can serve as a secure repository for sensitive information. This approach delivers clarity about each client’s overall matter portfolio, while providing real-time data and dashboards to monitor and track all matters throughout their lifecycles.

Morae has strong partnerships with technology providers, unparalleled knowledge of the products they offer, and insights that come from our years of experience in the selection, implementation and configuration of legal technology systems. We understand that the best solutions must take into account strategy, people, process, technology and data.

At Morae, we develop our solutions to meet your performance goals in order to help you deliver the highest quality of legal service at a predictable cost that is right for you.

With 200+ major system implementations under our belt, Morae brings extensive experience for delivering solutions that address best practice requirements informed by each client’s current state and future needs:

Data Collection and Management

Well-defined and accurate data collection and tracking of standardized matter data aligned to client business practices and legal processes

Automation of Workflow

Create automated workflows for performance monitoring, management of deadlines and notifications to teams of matter progress and risk

Integration with Enterprise Applications

Connection of matter processes with Microsoft Office 365, DocuSign and other business tools for the synchronization of matter information

Reporting Dashboards

Visual dashboards for real-time reporting of matter data and metrics–enabling more agile, data-driven decision-making

Seamless Document and Content Management

Leverage out of the box capabilities to search across document and content management systems

Task and Event Management

Plan, organize and track matter activities more efficiently with matter calendars, task management and status reporting 

Additional Components


  • Responsible professionals
  • Internal team members
  • Business partners
  • Skills inventory
  • Other parties


  • Business unit
  • Regions
  • Suppliers
  • Law firms
  • Customers
  • Other parties


  • Budgets
  • Chargebacks / Allocations
  • Accruals and reserves
  • A/P and G/L reconciliation
  • Invoice processing workflow

Our Process

We leverage best practice requirements, process and workflow design to provide a starting point to refine and enhance client solutions. This includes developing an implementation approach that considers both the technical and human elements of automating processes and encouraging user adoption.

Our efficient, flexible approach is based on lessons learned from implementation engagements with some of the world’s most demanding and complex companies. We use iterative cycles to maximize project success and mitigate project risk. Enabling feedback early and often during a project results in fewer surprises and stronger end user adoption – ultimately delivering a higher return on investment for clients.

The Morae Difference

Consistent process
to simplify and streamline the entire matter management solution

Data-driven decisions
with ease of access to insights into matter portfolio and legal risk

Flexible workflow capabilities
tailored to business goals and requirements

Knowledge sharing
and effective collaboration across team members

Proactive cost management
and optimization of outside legal spend

Improved overall productivity
across legal and operations teams

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