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Morae Monitor

Proactive monitoring of iManage performance to ensure optimal uptime for users and less unplanned downtime.

Are your IT support staff having to spend too much time checking systems are operating exactly as they should be?

Have end-users ever been the first to discover a server error and had to alert your IT helpdesk?

Do you want improved peace of mind, knowing that your business-critical servers are always monitored, 24/7?

    At a glance

    • Agentless monitoring, alerting and reporting powered by SolarWinds keeps constant track of iManage Work performance and availability.
    • Comprehensive, real-time dashboard view gives an instant picture across the iManage Work environment including the IDOL Indexer, EFS and Communications Servers, SQL Server, iManage Work Servers, and Mobility.
    • Additional support from the Morae team is available to bolt on to your monitoring service. Our fully managed option means we respond to Monitor alerts so you don’t have to.
    • Trend analysis and reporting gives the valuable insight and evidence required to support strategic plans and IT budgeting.
    • Option to extend coverage and add bespoke monitoring of your other additional applications and systems if required.

    Why Monitor makes a difference

    Server issues are a fact of life. However, the impact on productivity and user confidence can be minimized through proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance tasks. Prevention is always better than cure of course. And Monitor gives you improved system uptime, increased performance and high levels of user satisfaction. If you also combine Monitor with Morae’s renowned 24/7 support, you will see unparalleled stability and performance from your system.

    Developed by iManage Work certified engineers, Monitor is a purpose-built solution designed for iManage Work that maximizes the return on your investment in the iManage Work suite of applications.