LDO-to-Go: On-Demand Legal Operations

At Morae we know that running a law department like a business is critical in today’s environment, and can be challenging without expert resources dedicated to managing the department’s operations.

This is why so many law departments have hired – or tried to hire – law department operations professionals. These managers are dedicated to helping their law departments reduce spend, especially from outside counsel; tracking of matters to optimize workload allocation and service delivery; establishing continuous process improvement; and providing better decision making through analytics.

Too often, however, there is no headcount or support for hiring full-time operations staff, or the existing staff is maxed out. And even when budget for headcount is available, experienced process-oriented managers with an understanding of law departments and legal service delivery are hard to find.

To equip our clients with the skills, resources and tools to manage legal operations effectively, we present LDO-to-Go: On-Demand Legal Operations. LDO-to-Go is a packaged operations solution that provides your law department with highly experienced operations professionals, a deep bench of Morae subject matter expertise and proprietary tools and cutting-edge techniques for managing legal resources and costs.

Think of LDO-to-Go as an extension of your legal team, providing dedicated legal operations expertise but with the flexibility, scalability and lower costs that come from outsourcing. This is not consulting – we do not simply write a playbook for you to implement. We deliver a complete law department operations function – or a portion, as needed – on an ongoing, managed services basis.

Our team has decades of experience meeting the operational challenges faced by law departments of all sizes. LDO-to-Go provides your law department with dedicated experts who will deliver part-time or full-time, comprehensive or targeted solutions to your legal operations challenges.

LDO-to-Go is a flexible, variable-cost solution to address your legal operations needs, whether you are starting from scratch or simply require expertise in a specific area. At a cost and commitment lower than hiring full-time resources, we provide you with experienced, dedicated legal operations professionals and access to the deep bench of Morae expertise and tools. With LDO-to-Go, you can design a program that is scalable to fit your specific needs, providing seasoned operations leadership or specialists to supplement your existing operations team, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff.

LDO-to-Go can help with following: