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RelativityOne Partner of Record

Already have RelativityOne? Morae can provide the support services you need.

As the longest running RelativityOne partner in the world, Morae takes pride in ensuring our clients’ Relativity experiences are elevated and their needs met without failure or friction. From ala carte to fully managed services, we have the services and support you need, including the following capabilities.

Our playbook enables you to be efficient and effective in delivery and costs

End-to-end best practice guidance across the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), presently in use by global corporates having significant litigation and investigation portfolios, internal and external governance, and Morae as a cost-effective extension of their teams.

Our implementation plan ensures successful roll-out and adoption

Tailored deployment of people, process, and technology, in close partnership with the Relativity Success Team, to make the most effective use of RelativityOne

Customize Morae’s Playbook to your preferences and existing practices.

A collaborative process with all key stakeholders.

Communicate the purpose and expectations for the Playbook to all those involved with EDRM matters.

Pilot the Playbook on a small matter to validate the approach.

Earn buy-in by sharing qualitative and quantitative results.

Refine the process on a regular basis with lessons learned in action

Our support compliments your RelativityOne subscription. It ensures your organization makes effective use of RelativityOne and has expert certified partner available to support as and when required.

Expert teams in data, project management, and document review available on demand.

A simple fixed fee designed to train you and show you, in your live environment, how to make the most of RelativityOne.

Item Description Cost
Playbook (RelativityOne
End-to-end EDRM best practices guide Fixed fee
Playbook Customization Tailored to fit your business resourcing and technology strategy
RelativityOne Workspace
Templates for optimal workspace set-up in Litigation, Investigations, and one other custom workflow.
Training Four RelativityOne workflow & practical tip trainings for varying roles & responsibilities
Data Team Support 24/7 follow-the-sun model to support data processing, building indexes, and running productions
Project Manager Support Advisory SMEs in litigation/investigation workflows, analytics, and subject matter

Discounted rates for additional support available when needed. Managed service packages for ongoing support available too.

Item Consultancy Migration Collection Project Mgmt Data Support Document Review
Rate Hourly Hourly TBD Hourly Hourly Hourly
Comment Senior consultants provide strategic advice on effective solutions to legal dept. challenges Experts in migrating data from all eDiscovery platforms to RelativityOne Forensic experts experienced in sourcing data from all variety of mediums. SMEs who know your business, data, and case strategy to provide end-to-end support Support when you need it across data processing and technical set up Professionals from our large roster with skills tailored to your matter

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