Secure Remote Review

Document review, in the context of litigations and investigations, has traditionally taken place within secure review centers. COVID-19 compels us all to adapt to extraordinary circumstances.

To obey “social distancing” mandates and fulfill our corporate responsibility, Morae has deployed a Secure Remote Review solution for both law firms and corporations.

Under the direction of our COVID-19 Executive Committee, a working group has met daily to refine a remote service delivery solution that is founded on our existing business continuity plan, and informed by Morae’s On-Demand Resourcing (“ODR”) business – which for over a decade has provided legal, SME, consultants, and other resources to legal departments.

Morae’s Secure Remote Review Solution applies three essential components of our on-premise models:

(1) Security

(2) Resourcing

(3) Excellence in client service delivery

Security is paramount. Morae’s data environment is accessible via a secure tunnel with two factor authentication and we maintain control over access and functionality. Further, confidentiality agreements have been updated to specifically address remote review, and security training is mandatory.