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Strategic Advisory Services

Transforming the business of legal work

Advisory for Legal Operations and Law Firms

Your time is valuable. The stakes are high. Are you prepared for the future? What about today’s concerns — managing cost, information and risk?


Legal is most effective when integrated cross-functionally and viewed as a value-add rather than a cost center. We help business leaders see their function as an investment in the business’ success, freeing you up to work at the top of your skill set.


Document, matter, and financial data management is a complex, ever-changing knowledge management business. Morae guides your selection and implementation of the right technology and governance processes to keep your work transparent and information secure.


Determining the right balance of risk never ends. It shifts with a win or a loss, competitive move or health crisis. Our recommendations are data-driven, and our guidance is comprehensive to align with your business goals, keeping your needs at the center.

Pioneers in Legal Operations

Morae’s advisory veterans are pioneers in current operations best practices. Excellence in building and managing legal departments and law firms is what we deliver and who we are. We are not afraid to ask the hard questions, aligning continuous improvements to concrete value, for positive results. As a proactive ally, we offer sustainable value, flexibility to shift as needs change, and outstanding delivery of service.

Key Advisory Areas

Service Delivery

You serve stakeholders inside your organization as well as externally.  Morae collaborates with you to deliver enterprise value-aligned, impactful results for the entire business and its customers.

Financial Management

Financial executives often initially target spend reduction for a stronger bottom line. To protect the company’s assets, we offer insight into cost control measures, including service delivery transformation and vendor performance management, resource allocation, fiscal stewardship, and innovative procurement strategies. We help to make more informed, data-driven decisions for distributing work among law firms and other vendors resulting in a more transparent, value-aligned, and competitive process. Morae advisors collaborate with you to determine the right people for the right work; and challenge your team to stop doing the things that don’t need to be done.

Organizational Structure

Leadership guides from the top but begins at the bottom. You are considering engaging an advisory group because you recognize people lead better when they collaborate with others. Morae offers C-suite strategy engagements, or projects focused on your organizational structure and based on talent (current or targeted). We also provide direction on career paths, staff workload, professional development strategies and the mentoring and sponsoring of your rising star individuals to encourage retention – building new leaders in the process.

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures can offer tremendous opportunities to create and sustain breakthrough value. Morae provides you with the integrated end-to-end consulting and services you need across all phases, before, during and after the deal to help ensure you can achieve this value.

Technology & Digital Transformation

Successful companies are making integrated digital transformation a priority, including cross-functional solutions throughout the organization – not viewing legal as a silo. A well-designed technology roadmap starts with a strong understanding of business needs as the bedrock. Data can then be filtered, stored, managed and shared with accuracy and transparency. Whether you are seeking help before, during or after new technology implementation and onboarding, Morae expert advisors will expedite the process, focusing on change management and user adoption to get the most value for your investment. Key areas of service include evaluation of current technology with recommended alternatives, digital skills assessments of your team, technology procurement, implementation and more. 

Communication & Reporting

The art of communication may be one of the most important areas to refine for business success. We can help build a culture of data-driven business language through the use of scorecards, metrics, SLAs, KPIs, and dashboards. The transition lies in data availability, value, and demonstration of decision-making impact. We help address proper change management and user adoption in your business.

Business & Financial Processes

Process analysis may land on the ‘less exciting’ square of the business, yet great financial benefits lie in continuously asking – “Why do we do it this way?’ Morae collaborates with you to set benchmarks to ensure every process, technology and person are business value-aligned and efficient. This analysis is even more vital if you are starting from scratch. Key areas to assess include workflow tools, automation and management; matter tracking, budgeting and forecasting; self-serve technology, new matter intake, settlement documentation, invoice approvals, policy documentation, and more.


Morae’s assessments are designed to identify and prioritize your needs.


How you manage business to comply with layers of rules, policies and laws is ongoing and ever changing. From code of conduct, to records management, data privacy, security, and constant regulatory change across the globe, Morae offers a variety of programs and processes to help manage risk and keep your team focused on stakeholders and clients.

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Read why the Association of Corporate Counsel named Morae a Value Champion in 2020. We’re ready to serve, please connect and let’s start a conversation. We believe assessing the breadth and depth of your enterprise needs first, allows you to be more strategic and ultimately realize more value in your transformation.

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