New to iManage Work 10, the Flexible Folders feature in the iManage Work Client provides consistent folder structure and flexibility without compromising security. Whether you are new to iManage or an existing customer looking to move to Work 10, Flexible Folders is a feature both you and your users will love.

Whether restructuring or designing new iManage Work templates, it can be challenging to align with best practices. In any effort to satisfy a variety of interests it is very easy to create unwieldy workspace structures. Our best practice will always be to maintain fewer than ten folders per workspace.  Beyond this and end users are simply presented with too many options when saving and is more likely to simply choose a generic folder location.

The purpose of creating these well thought out templates is to ensure documents are stored in the correct folder that inherits metadata from the folder, most importantly being the doc class.  To maintain consistency and organization, best practice is to not allow users to create top-level folders in workspaces. With this set, a user can only create a top-level folder if they have full rights to the workspace.  Granting rights to create subfolders allows users to still have some control without the risk of them turning workspaces into somewhat of a file explorer. With iManage Work, you can have the best of both worlds.

The Flexible Folders feature allows optional folders to be created in the template. Users will then have the option to create a top-level folder while being prompted to choose from a predefined list. If all folders in the template already exist in the workspace, the message will appear “No folders found under this template, choose a different template.”

Match fields for filtering templates enables users to search for templates based on these match fields while creating new folders in the iManage Work client application. The matching templates appear in a pick list.  If no match field is defined, all templates are displayed. A total of two fields are available for matching which can consist of Custom metadata fields 1-12, 29 and 30.

The first depiction below shows Practice Type and Matter Type as matching fields selected for templates in Control Center. The second depiction shows templates assigned the metadata Practice Type and Matter Type.  If a new workspace is created with the IP – Copyrights template, when creating a new folder, it will only show templates assigned with Practice Type IP and Matter Type Copyrights. Users will then be able to choose the optional folders if they are available in the template. Using matching fields specifies only Optional folders from that specific template can be created which will keep workspace folder structures consistent, security uncompromised, users happy and free iManage Administrators from the task of creating top level folders.

Practice Type and Matter TypeTemplates