As long time users of iManage, legal professionals have realized the value of document management. However, many people feel that it’s faster and easier to access and save documents using traditional Windows file shares. Well, those days are numbered with the pending release of iManage Drive.

iManage Drive is a simple desktop client installation which extends the reach of iManage Work directly inside of Windows explorer.  No additional servers will be required. For example, the I: drive can now deliver direct access to your matters.  Common use cases will include saving content from non-integrated applications, simplifying the upload of document to court websites and the US PTO, and providing much needed integration to busy legal assistants who depend on file shares to assemble closing binders.

Keep in mind that iManage Drive is much more than just another DM client, it also includes functionality which will permit the offline synchronization of complete matter workspaces to laptop computers.  While Internet access has become somewhat ubiquitous, there are still many situations where a legal professional can benefit from offline access, for example, in the courtroom.

Look to hear more about iManage Drive at ILTACON 2019 in Orlando this August and stay tuned to Morae’s social media channels for a webinar demonstration right after the official release date.