While packaging the iManage Work 10 client software during multiple projects, we have encountered many questions while reviewing the client package. Here are some of the frequently asked questions during the course of the projects:

Q: What do the client language configurations do?

A: You can specify other languages for which help is available. Also, you can configure the languages available for searching in the Browse and File and Select Filing Location dialog box

Q: What to do if Adobe is updated after iManage is installed?

A: If you’re implementing iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.2.1, simply run a repair on the Work Desktop for Windows software from Programs and Features after the Adobe updates are uninstalled.

Q: Why isn’t iManage Work for Gmail a part of the installation package?

A: The iManage Work for Gmail extension must be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, installed and configured manually.

Q: Can Android users access the iManage interface using Mobility?

A: Currently, the iManage Work 10 Mobility app is only available for iOS. Android users can access their iManage Work system using the web browser on their phone.

Q: Will users be prompted for the SSO credentials when using Mobility?

A: If you have added iManage Work as an application within your IDP, the engineer who configures your Mobility configuration file will set the Server Authentication Type so that users will be prompted to log in with using their SSO credentials.

Q: I see many different settings for the iManage Agent notifications. Do I have to change each of these to completely disable Agent notifications?

A: No. You can disable the Agent notifications via the “Agent Notifications Display Option” setting in HKCUSOFTWAREiManageWork10.0Client

Q: I have users who should not receive the global imEMM.config and imWorkOptions.xml files. How can we set specific settings for them?

A: You can circumvent the global settings by placing these files in the users’ %LOCALAPPDATA%iManageWorkConfigs folder. The Work Desktop software will check this folder first for these files. If found, they will override the settings placed in %APPDATA%iManageWorkConfigs folder.