If you are considering a move of your document management system to the cloud, you should consider testing the performance of the cloud service provider prior to the move. Performance testing encompasses more than just running a few pings to see what the latency is. You want to, if possible, try and test the actual upload and download of different sized documents, that are representative of the document sizes that your firm uses. You want to test uploading and downloading these documents at different times of the day when load on your network and your Internet connection varies. Most importantly you want to test the upload and download using a method that accurately simulates how documents will be transferred with your chosen cloud service provider.

Prior to migrating a firm to the cloud, I like to setup a customized PowerShell script that uploads and downloads different sized documents to the provider and records the time for each. We do this over a period of a few weeks to capture an accurate representation of performance for different types of workloads. We then analyze the results and provide the firm with an accurate picture of what performance will look like. It also offers us the opportunity to re-mediate any issues prior to implementation. That last part is key—remediating issues prior to going live is the key to a successful transition and can only be achieved with accurate testing first.