Working from home is becoming more popular. Studies have shown that working from home can make you more productive because you do not have the distractions of an office space. It also provides the flexibility needed to effectively balance work and personal obligations.  This results in happier employees and increased staff retention.

Two years ago, I was presented with a job opportunity that came with the added benefit of working from home full time. I was excited about doing away with a three-hour commute but I also learned that working from home has its own challenges.  The following suggestions helped me work through many of them.

Create an Office Space

Make sure you have a space with a door. Working from your kitchen table is not a great idea. If you have a family, you are accessible to them at all times. These distractions can cause more stress and less productivity.

Create a Routine

Get dressed every morning as if you were heading out for a typical office job. Your attire doesn’t need to be business casual but it shouldn’t be the same clothes you lounged in over the weekend!

Take Breaks

Your new workspace is a lot quieter so getting out of the house for a walk with your neighbor will help you cope with the lost social time. If you are feeling like you need a little white noise to help you work better, try working at your local coffee shop or public library for a few hours.

Get Good Internet

The average home has 3.5 devices connected to the internet.  With more devices and increases in activity, you will want to increase your bandwidth.  A poor connection can lead to choppy phone calls if using your computer audio and lots of frustration waiting for web pages to load.