Flexible Folders are a great way to keep your workspaces organized and keeps a consistent folder naming convention across your library. If you’re creating workspaces within Work 10 or using the iManage Workspace Generator you can select a template you’d like the workspace to use and iManage will match which Flexible Folder set should appear when creating a new folder. However, if you are creating “one-off” workspaces or if you decide to change which template the Flexible Folders pull from, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of.

One-off workspaces

These workspaces are typically created by an Administrator who has access to DeskSite. Unlike Work 10, when you create a workspace in DeskSite you are not required to choose a template before the workspace is generated. To match the workspace with a template, your environment must have a custom field that is used to filter templates. In this example, let’s use CUSTOM7. In Control Center, create a value within the CUSTOM7 table. Then, browse to Client Setup>Global>Match fields for filtering templates and choose the CUSTOM7 field.  Each template should have it’s own unique CUSTOM7 value assigned to it unless you want to give users the option to select from multiple templates when creating a top level folder. If the CUSTOM7 value is assigned to the template and the workspace you’d like to match it to, the Flexible Folders dialog should show the folders only from that template during the top-level folder creation process.

Changing the template your workspace is linked to

If you created a workspace using an incorrect template you’ll need to unlink it from the template it was created with. When the Flexible Folder process starts, it takes two steps to verify which template it’s linked to. First, it checks the workspace’s PROJECT_NVPS value in the database. If it does not find a value, it will then check to see if it is matched to a workspace based on the “Match fields for filtering templates”. In this case, if you used a template to create the workspace, it will have a value within the PROJECT_NVPS field. To unlink it from the original template that was used, clear the PROJECT_NVPS field on the workspace. To link it to the new template, assign it the value from the custom field that is used to filter templates and is assigned to the template you want to link it to.

NOTE: If your iManage system exists within the iManage Cloud, you’ll need to contact iManage Support to make any changes to the iManage database.