Running DRECOMPACT command is like running a disk defragmentation on IODL Content Engines (CEs). It will delete duplicates and free up disk space on the CEs. iManage guidelines recommend running DRECOMPACT when the committed_documents count is higher than 20% of the documents count (both of these statistics can be found connecting to port 9000 on the Indexer Browser). Since it is very difficult extrapolating data from the service port, there is no easy way to automate calculating this percentage, so IDOL has a scheduling feature in each CE configuration. Using the “compact=true” under the CE backup schedule is one way of running this command. This method, which is very clean and requires no outside process to run, is not always feasible since it requires down time to enable it. An alternative way to run this command is running it via Windows Scheduled Task. This will enable the added benefit of optimized CEs immediately without interference to the end users.