Earlier this year, iManage released version 10.1 of IRM (iManage Records Manager), which introduced the web client Dashboard, which is configurable by end-users. With the release of IRM 10.2, Dashboard functionality has been extended.

The web client Dashboard is now the default home page of the IRM web client. With a blank slate to start, users and Records Department staff may add multiple charts to provide at-a-glance information regarding file part creation, delivery requests, labels in the print queue, checked-out files, and boxes. Each chart is configurable as to chart type (such as bar charts, pie charts, and summaries) and filtering options (such as by user or by location). With the release of 10.2, charts now support trending information such as average monthly file part creation numbers per office.

One example chart that may be helpful for a user would be to show file delivery requests filtered to the user and grouped by request time, home location of the file (where it’s coming from), or delivery location.

Each chart is interactive, in that a click on one of the bars takes you to the summarized items. Setting up each chart is simple and intuitive. Each user can easily manage and arrange charts on their own dashboard with little or no assistance.

Other features new to 10.2 include:

  • My Favorites where users may add frequently accessed records and other items
  • Separate icons for empty folders, providing visual distinction between folders with content and folders without content
  • User’s ability to set their default tab when opening IRM web client