Establishing Best IDOL Practice for Smooth Growth & Scale

As your Firm grows and the documents in your iManage Databases increase, the IDOL Servers and Content Engines you originally deployed could be surpassing the iManage recommended Thresholds.

This is cost free exercise that will ensure your IDOL resources are performing optimally now and in the near future.

The IDOL sizing exercise is something in which iManage Support asks you to complete a questionnaire to supply information about your iManage Environment such as:

  • the number of your iManage Work library
  • its size
  • location
  • the average document size, and
  • hardware specifications.

Based on your answers, iManage can then provide recommendations for architecture and Server resources for your IDOL environment.

Their recommendations may require you to add Content Engines or Servers depending on their finding.

Receive an IDOL Health Check

Along with these findings Morae can also perform an IDOL heath check  and assist with making sure IDOL Maintenance and Backups are running properly.

You should consider this sizing exercise if any of the following apply:

  • You never completed a sizing exercise.
  • You completed your last sizing exercise over two years ago.
  • Growth in iManage Work libraries exceeds the estimates from the previously provided sizing recommendations.
  • You have exceeded the projected growth rate listed in your last sizing by more than 10%. An example would be you recently on-boarded a department to iManage or acquired another firm that now uses iManage.
  • The following apply to your WorkSite Content Engines:
    • A WorkSite Content Engine reports a documents value exceeding 4 million.
    • Disk space usage exceeds 250GB.
    • Less than 30% disk space is available to a WorkSite Content Engine drives

Obtaining the documents and committed_documents values for a WorkSite Content Engine

Use the Index Browser utility to check the document count for each WorkSite Content Engine.

By default, the Index Browser resides in the following location:

C:Program FilesAutonomyIndexer BrowserIndexerBrowser.bat

Steps to Perform

Perform the following steps for each WorkSite Content Engine:

  1. Run bat.
  2. Specify the machine name or IP address of the server that hosts the content engine.
  3. Specify the port of the content engine. Content engine port numbers start at 11000 for content engine 1 and increment by 1000 for each additional content engine.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Note the documents and committed_documents 

NOTE: If you find a disparity of 20% or more between committed_documents and documents, consider running a compaction. We at Morae can help with this.