Electronic content stored in Windows or Linux file shares can be managed in place for both security policy and disposition policy using iManage’s Filesystem Agent. The Filesystem Agent is a utility that works with both IRM and SPM.

When connected to IRM, the Filesystem Agent can delete content in accordance with the retention policy assigned to its associated matter. The Filesystem Agent, used alongside Policy Service, enables the simultaneous disposition of electronic records in file shares and in iManage Work, as well as physical records.

When connected to SPM, the Filesystem Agent can manage security and access to electronic content in file shares. File share security is accomplished through integration with Active Directory Services. The requirement to secure a file share folder containing, for example, document production files for a litigation matter can be satisfied by configuring the file share and folder location on the matter in SPM. The security policy set on the matter is applied to the file share folder, along with other protected systems such as iManage Work.

Both IRM and SPM allow for multiple file share locations per matter.