Multi-Purposes for IRM: iManage Records Manager

iManage Records Manager (IRM) is not just for governance of physical records.

With Record Manger Policy Service, retention and disposition of electronic records can be managed alongside physical records.

Policy Service integrates iManage Work workspaces into the Records Manager interface by creating a pointer to each workspace. A matter’s electronic records, i.e., documents that have been declared as records, are listed alongside its physical records.

As records of a matter become eligible for destruction, electronic records can be destroyed simultaneously with physical records without the need to involve your IT staff to remove the documents from iManage Work.

More Policy Service Features

Additional features of Policy Service include:

  • the ability to declare all versions of documents in a workspace or workspace folder as records,
  • declare only the latest version of documents as records, and
  • a combination action of declaring the latest version of documents as records and destroying undeclared versions.

Policy Service is a versatile and powerful tool to bring electronic record management into the realm of Records Management.