In the planning stages of a cloud migration, many clients tend to place urgency on the timeline and rush through to the cut-over weekend. This ends up making the project take longer in the end, and you wind up spending time fixing issues that weren’t caught in the testing process because it was rushed. Try to keep in mind a few points when you head into a cloud migration:

  • Be thorough and diligent in your workspace and migration design
  • Involve both those who have the power to make decisions and those who will use the system most in the planning meetings.
  • Make sure you understand the points brought up by the migration specialist, and never hesitate to slow down and get clarification if needed.
  • Participation is key. Make sure you dedicate enough time and resources to the migration and that communication is timely.  If you prioritize your project in this way, so will your vendor.
  • Be aware that issues arise in every migration, and as vendors we are working hard to get it right the first time. There will be unanticipated bumps in the road, every migration is unique.
  • Help your migration specialist by showing them how your team works and connecting them with any current administrators or support for existing software.

You will set your migration up to succeed if you have patience, flexibility, and put effort into working together with your migration team.