As many firms consider the possibilities of upgrading to Work 10, what comes into question is the current state of their iManage environment and is it truly ready for this move. When was the last time you took a detailed look into your current iManage environment and Database? Today we will take a high-level look at the advantages of doing a full iManage System Health Check.

A Health Check can provide firms with direct insight into the state of their DMS and how it is being used. Some firms will find the system is being used exactly as they expect and is well maintained. Others will find it’s not exactly what they expected.

Here is some information a Heath Check will provide:

  • What is the current version of you DMS and other services?
  • What is the total size of you document repository and how many total documents / emails are in your system?
    • With more emails being filed today, what is the growth of email filings in the past few years?
  • How many DocServers locations do you have?
    • Where are your documents being stored and are they being backed-up?
  • What does your DMS Log look like?
    • Are there log errors, but you’re not hearing complaints from the users? Could it be causing performance issues?
    • What is the AVG number of Transactions per minute (XQ=) and User Connections (US=) on your DMS? Do they meet iManage recommendations?
  • Is your Communication Server functioning as designed?
    • How many Emails are stuck (failed) in your EM_Request table? How many in your EM_Projects table?
    • Are all Linked Folders being processed?
    • Are all your users being serviced by the Comm Server? Do they all have valid emails addresses? Are they being discovered on your Exchange Server?
    • How many Send and File emails are in the BadMail folder and why?
  • What is the current Version of your IDOL Indexer and is it ready to go to RAVN?
    • Are you maintaining your Index Collections properly? Are you running DREBackups, DRECompacts and DiffTool?
  • Does your SQL Server have enough Memory?
  • Are SQL Maintenance Tasks are running successfully nightly?
  • Do you know how many users are in your NRTAdmin group and who they are?
  • Do you know the RegKeys settings on your DMS and what they are used for? Are they configured properly for today’s iManage?

These are only some of the items ASI covers when performing Health Checks. We also provide recommendations to bring your Firm to the next version of iManage.

For a more detailed explanation of performing System Heath Checks, as well as help with iManage’s other Suite of Products, contact us.