After a several year hiatus, the product development team at iManage has enhanced the Work 10 interface to include an option to bring back the classic tree and grid views. This function enables workers to switch, on-the-fly, from the modern and consumerized look and feel of Work 10 to the more classic style of DeskSite and FileSite. From within the Work 10 web client, in the upper right-hand region of the screen, click one time on your user name, click one time on the “Coming Soon” menu, and from here you can enable or disable the tree view. To turn on grid mode, located just below the navigation bar you will find the “View Type” action button, it’s just to the left of the “Show Details” button. From here you can transition your Work 10 document view from list to grid style.

When working in the tree view you have access to your recent documents, emails, clients, and favorites; however, for users familiar with DeskSite and FileSite, you will now be able to navigate both your recent matters and my matters from an expandable interface. Another nice feature in tree view can be found under the emails button, where you will notice a new tab which quickly displays emails filed by you. As you expand the tree and start to explore matter workspaces and folders, you will notice that information is now presented in the classic grid style. This enables professionals to rapidly sort information by clicking on the top of the column headers. For example, you can order your list by documents by name A-Z, or review emails in the order of date received. Please note that under the tree view, filters have been moved to a separate button which is off to the right, and the tree view is not available on smaller screen devices, such as smartphones.

With the reinstatement of the tree and grid, we are confident that iManage has provided yet another option to empower professionals to work how they feel comfortable. For customers upgrading to Work 10 and moving to the cloud, these optional views will assist with change management and user adoption. Happy browsing!