iManage Security Policy Manager manages need-to-know access, content segregation, and ethical walls at scale, required to meet today’s security challenges. Featuring an intuitive role-based UI and anywhere, anytime access, iManage Security Policy Manager provides data protection without sacrificing user productivity and system performance.

Central management of matter security for multiple systems

SPM agents can be deployed to protect client data in iManage Work, IRM, Elite, Intapp Time, among a growing list of other platforms. Configure a matter’s security policy, matter team, and options in SPM and let the agents enforce the policy across the board.

Timekeeper and assistant pairing

Assistants can automatically be granted security to matters based on their timekeeper assignment. Changes in timekeeper-assistant pairing are updated on client and matter security.

Give your iManage Work indexer a break

Security changes in SPM do not require your Work documents to be re-indexed. Unlike other security products, security managed by SPM is at a higher level, blocking (or allowing) access at the client or matter level, before workspace, folder, or document security is examined. Updates to security in SPM are immediate, without having to wait for individual documents to have security adjusted and to be re-indexed.

Automatically override rogue security changes

If a user is incorrectly added to the access control list of a document in a secured matter, SPM blocks access at the matter level. For example, if a protected matter does not allow access to Employee B, but Employee A adds his name to the access control list on a document to try to circumvent this security, Employee B will still not be able to access the document because security managed by SPM will prevent access at a higher level.


Review a timeline of changes or a report of everyone who had access to a matter at a point in time. Meet client requirements to produce a list of people who had access to their matters on any given date or within a specified date range.


Through the user console, users may request access to a secured matter. On a matter-by-matter basis, you can configure a security policy to allow the matter’s responsible attorney or a team member to grant or deny access requests.


SPM’s new feature, Collections, automates management of security on matters by practice. For example, automatically restrict all litigation matters to members of the litigation practice group. The Collections feature works by adding a matter, based on a custom property, such as practice area, to a pre-defined rule which specifies the team members who are granted access.