IRM, together with Policy Service, can help you manage retention and destruction of your firm’s physical and electronic records (iManage Work). The following is a summary of how a typical retention workflow may run:

Matter Close Date: The engagement is complete. In the firm’s accounting system, the matter’s status has changed and the close date is entered. As part of the client and matter automated maintenance, the close date is updated for the matter in IRM.

90 Days After Matter Close: Allow time for final document edits and filing, then shut down the matter. Deactivate the matter in iManage Work and declare all the Work documents as records. This prevents new documents from being created using the closed matter number and prevents edits to existing documents belonging to the matter, respectively.

90 Days to 1 Year After Matter Close: Change the status of all physical records related to the matter as inactive.

Seven Years (or Appropriate Interval) After Matter Close: Compile a report of physical and electronic records that are eligible for destruction. Distribute to approval authority.

Approval Returned: Change status of approved records to “approved for destruction.”

Destruction Date (As Scheduled: Annually, Semi-Annually, etc.): Destroy approved physical and electronic records and change status from “approved for destruction” to “destroyed.”

IRM audits each action and maintains a history of every step along the way for each file, including authorizing name, action dates, and user recorded notes.