Amit Katyal, Vice President at Clutch Group, spoke at a leading legal industry forum on how technology will continue to innovate and transform the way legal services are delivered.

Amit Katyal, Vice President of India Operations at Clutch Group, spoke on Tuesday at the Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers’ (GOAL) Global LPO Conference in New Delhi about the benefits and challenges of legal outsourcing.

Amit participated in the conference’s opening panel discussion, titled “I Don’t Believe in Legal/Litigation Outsourcing. Do You?”, joining other industry leaders in a spirited conversation about alternative legal services providers.

Over the course of the panel, Amit shared his experience working at Clutch, the challenges inherent in outsourcing, and the exponential growth and reach of global regulations and their role in driving business for legal services companies.

In particular, Amit pointed to the role that technology is playing in vastly increasing the type and scope of work that alternative legal services providers can take on. While they have always dealt with high-volume work, Amit argued, the use of sophisticated technology has allowed providers such as Clutch to move away from simply providing labor-intensive services.

Read the full press release here.

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