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Multiple points of integration between iManage and Inprotech

The CPA Global Inprotech system is the world-leading practice/case management system for firms operating in intellectual property and Morae is the acknowledge leader in developing and delivering multiple points of integration between iManage and Inprotech.

Some of the functions available from this integration developed by Morae with close co-operation and assistance from CPA Global include:

  • automatic generation of the Case (or Name) electronic file, termed the WorkSpace, in iManage once created in Inprotech client/server or web
  • the ability to operate iManage from within Inprotech web, allowing sites to collaborate with their clients on secure documents (functions available include Open, View, CheckIn, Checkout)
  • the ability to operate iManage from Inprotech client/server. At several places in client/server – e.g. Name, Case, Contact screens, being able to run iManage searches for all documents for the chosen Case/Name etc
  • support for DocGen, storing selected document(s) direct into iManage
  • support for PassThru, storing generated documents direct into the appropriate Workspace/folder
  • Workview – an add-on for DeskSite or FileSite letting a user view information about a Case by providing a range of tabs displaying information to the user, subject to their security setting, such as;
    • Case or Name information chosen by the site (e.g. trademark image, or IRN, date opened, key renewal dates, instructor, financial information and so on)
    • standing instructions
    • documents, for auto generation of templates
    • time recording
    • reports
    • notes or any site defined tab for display of relevant Case/Name information.

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