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EzeScan by Outback Imaging

Outback Imaging is an Australian-owned software research and development company headquartered in Brisbane that specializes in the area of Document Capture (scanning, importing, conversion, routing and output).

With advanced power indexing features and native integration with iManage, EzeScan delivers the fastest most cost effective method available for you to scan and register both your hard copy and electronic documents.

EzeScan’s iManage Integration enables you to:

  • Apply all field data (Client ID, Matter ID, Class, Sub Class, Custom 1 to 30, Author, Operator)
  • Allows for browsing to Folders to store documents
  • Auto filing using barcodes
  • Auto filing to Folders by searching the Workspace description or by custom property
  • Auto select subfolder based on folder name
  • Apply or inherit permissions.

To find out more about the benefits of using EzeScan go to

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