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The Leading Enterprise Platform for Engaging Outside Counsel

Morae is a long-time advocate of PERSUIT and so we’re very excited to announce this partnership. We have been frequently engaged by our clients this year to analyze and transform legal costs and procurement processes. The PERSUIT platform really helps our clients to bridge the gap with their outside law firms, streamline legal sourcing processes, and ultimately eliminate waste and create measurable savings.

PERSUIT has consistently been recognized as the legal industry’s most widely used and highly rated legal RFP platform by corporate law departments and is currently working with world leading organizations including Walmart, Shell, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Exelon, Target, Citi, AT&T, Facebook, Intel and Twilio.

Better Management of Outside Counsel

PERSUIT offers a market-leading cloud-based software application that provides in-house legal teams with the ability to launch matter-based RFPs, RFIs, AFAs, Hourly Rate reviews, and Panel Convergence Programs using industry best practice templates. PERSUIT is the platform chosen by Fortune 500 in-house teams for distributing work amongst their law firms in a way that is fair, transparent and competitive.

A Proven Solution

Legal departments are always looking to align cost with value. One of the ways PERSUIT guarantees this is through its reverse auction functionality that provides in-house legal teams with true market pricing at the matter-level. PERSUIT has analyzed that auctions typically deliver a 37% reduction in matter-level pricing.

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