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Relativity One

World Class eDiscovery

The secure, scalable, cloud-based eDiscovery solution for law firms and law departments.

What does RelativityOne offer Morae clients? 

Discover cloud-based eDiscovery on the RelativityOne platform with secure processing, review, hosting and production by Morae. We’re the longest running RelativityOne partnerWe can deliver our state-of-the-art eDiscovery and global document review solutions for any size or complexity of eDiscovery project. We offer simple, fast, predictable eDiscovery at an unbeatable price.

Secure, competitively priced, managed eDiscovery services with scalable infrastructure combined with world-class project management.

Morae project managers have delivered for the most sophisticated financial institutions in the world – highly regulated companies embroiled in bet-the- bank litigation or investigations with enormous troves of data. RelativityOne brings our unique combination of legal and technology experience to you.

RelativityOne performs every time. We focus on delivering value to your business, quickly sifting redundant, obsolete data to reduce volume and locate the facts of greatest significance to your legal team. This unique capability streamlines the compliance and discovery process, enabling greater precision and significantly reducing collection, processing and review costs.

If you also need data migration into RelativityOne, Morae is an approved Relativity Data migration partner.

Interested in learning more about how you can deploy a world-class eDiscovery operation for your projects at an unbeatable price? Please contact us today!

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