More and more law firms and corporates are migrating their IT systems to the cloud, which has rapidly become the platform of choice for consumer and enterprise technology. A key driver is digital transformation as a response to changing user expectations, which include always-on connectivity and online access to efficient and secure systems.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself before considering migrating your Document Management Systems (DMS) to the cloud. Morae is the strategic advisor and migrator of the most users and documents to the iManage Cloud globally, so we can offer a distinctive insight to the Strategic, Operational and Technical considerations you must take.

Be Smart: Amplify Strategy and Innovation

Strategically, cloud levels the playing field. Large firms benefit from the flexibility to respond rapidly to dynamic markets and opportunities; small and medium firms can access enterprise-level technology that they may not have otherwise been able to afford or manage on-premises and scale their services without investing in additional physical resources.

Cloud facilitates process standardization and collaboration between lawyers, practice areas and clients across multiple offices and expedites post-merger consolidation and integration. And it supports innovation, with the ability to switch on new systems across multiple operations and offices very quickly, without compromise and with minimum disruption. Cloud systems and applications enhance business agility, so they are a perfect fit for the modern, innovative professional services firms. Lawyers and business professionals expect and are expected to respond rapidly to their clients and teams.

iManage Cloud puts the knowledge, experience and expertise of the whole firm at their fingertips and keeps them on top of all developments affecting their cases and clients. It enables collaboration between internal/external stakeholders, and organizes and safeguards data, keeping firms and corporate legal teams efficient, secure and smart, and enabling them to deliver over and above their clients’ requirements and expectations. 

Migrating to the cloud provides financial flexibility, shifting IT investments from CAPEX to OPEX. The subscription model means that costs are transparent and predictable, whereas on-premises systems have multiple updates and patches that require different levels of  internal and external support. 

Cloud offers operational flexibility too. On-premises systems need to be physically installed (and moved, when necessary). Servers need an ‘always on’ electricity 

supply, ongoing maintenance and upkeep as well as regular hardware and software updates. All of this requires budget and on-site personnel. Additional applications require new software, hardware and backup, all of which involve costs and (sometimes scarce) specialist expertise. And infrastructure requirements and associated costs increase alongside storage requirements.

When your systems are in iManage Cloud, the main costs of updating, replacing or adding solutions are subscriptions and licenses. There is no physical disruption for installation which is handled remotely. Therefore, iManage Cloud makes it quick and easy to open and close offices in multiple jurisdictions and facilitates post-acquisition integration of new offices and teams.

Morae supports firms migrating to the iManage Cloud with infrastructure integration and 24/7 support from highly skilled engineers with deep experience working with iManage applications.Morae’s longstanding connection with iManage means any issues can be escalated and resolved immediately. This reduces the need for internal systems expertise, allowing the IT function to focus on innovative tech that differentiates your firm rather than ‘lights on’ systems. This will enhance IT roles and career opportunities, enabling you to attract and retain top tech talent.

Be Secure: Protect Your Data and Users

Data security is a top priority for professional services, which routinely handle confidential and business sensitive data. Reported cyber incidents affecting law firms are increasing, impacting more than just brand value of individual firms and the profession.

The iManage Cloud provides a complete, secure online experience that you and your firm’s clients can rely on. It includes SOC 1 type 2, SOC 2 type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, HIPPA and EU Data Privacy obligations, applications with role-based access, encryption, multi-factor authentication (MFA) specifically designed to mitigate risk, and it offers a dedicated infrastructure and support team alongside Morae’s 24/7 support for diagnosing and resolving issues.

Documents are stored and backed up in the cloud – replicated across iManage’s data centers giving enhanced Disaster Recovery capability: if a more fundamental issue such as power outage or building fire should occur, users are still able to access the system without having to revert to ‘back up tapes’ – eliminating hardware and backup requirements and ensuring business continuity.

On-premises systems may need to be replaced every few years and migrating to the iManage Cloud turns essential systems renewal into digital transformation. If an IT refresh requires transferring data between systems, migrating to the iManage Cloud, perhaps combined with a move to Office 365, provides an opportunity for data cleansing and deduplication, improving accessibility and applying data access controls and retention policies. 

Be Efficient: Agility With Real-Time Systems Management

A significant benefit of the iManage Cloud is that it adds flexibility helping users work more productively and enabling real-time systems management by providing high systems availability, with secure, easy access from any device, in any location, any time.

There is no downtime for IT maintenance or upgrades and remote installation and activation boost agility, making it easy and straightforward to deploy new offerings and create a bespoke IT infrastructure that is the perfect fit for your users, giving them uninterrupted access to cutting edge resources.

And for managers, an automatic audit trail showing at a glance which applications are being used, and who is using them, helps to ensure systems are always relevant and useful and the firm is not supporting redundant or outdated tools that are no longer used.

Be The Future

Digital transformation is accelerating, and cloud is the future. Together, Morae and iManage Cloud help you to manage your firm’s digital transformation successfully, securely and with minimum disruption. Migrating to the iManage Cloud helps law firms and corporates keep up with the pace of change in technology and business.

How we can help

Morae’s consultants bring deep product knowledge, strong technical expertise and years of experience to managing successful digital transformation projects, helping law firms and corporates to be efficient, secure and smart with their DMS particularly when migrating to the cloud.

Wherever you are on your cloud journey you can speak to Morae for strategic advice, design, migration, implementation, training and ongoing support.