Virtual On-Demand Resourcing


Legal departments everywhere have ongoing challenges – they need to balance the urgent with the important, provide responsive service, and protect team morale while managing costs. Doing this can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube – you fix one aspect only to realize that another is now out of line.

What exacerbates these ongoing challenges is the constant threat of disruption. This tends to come in the form of an event or events that require additional capacity (because the volume of work is increasing, or the size of the team is decreasing or changing) or complementary expertise. If not dealt with well, the pressure of resourcing to meet these needs grows acute because it destroys time, increases risk, and drives-up cost.

Working virtually is now the norm for most legal departments. But finding talent to fill department gaps can be challenging, if not seemingly impossible, in the current environment. And then there’s the question of what happens when transitioning back to offices?

Morae has a team of attorneys, paralegals and other support professionals who are adept at working in a virtual setting, with the flexibility to work on-premises as the world returns to offices. We can help you to quickly and efficiently mobilize our teams in support of your department as needs arise, including:

Handling the Peaks when you cannot hire:

As your department shifts to a virtual work environment, and adjusts to on-going headcount challenges, Morae has the flexibility to scale with your legal department and provide the skills you need with just a few days’ notice.

Preparing for expected risk increases: 

As you prepare your department to respond to the new normal,  we are able to help in key risk areas that you might already be anticipating, such as:

              Employment Claims

              Privacy Issues

              Real Estate

              Contract Negotiations


As our clients roll out new guidelines within the legal department, part of our process has always been to establish and publish playbooks for how we work with our clients and their internal business stakeholders. Quickly documenting protocols, escalation points, and acceptable clauses that can be used in a standard manner throughout the organization is a routine part of how we operate. 


The Morae Difference:


We provide a network of legal professionals. Our legal professionals have Fortune 500 and Big Law experience.


They are vetted, screened, and interviewed to ensure they have a wide range of skillsets and experience.


By matching our on demand professionals to your needs, there is a cost saving of 30-40% vs a law firm.

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