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Automating Good Habits for Information Security and Governance

Bringing It All Together with iManage, DocuSign, and Morae


More than simply a bad habit, the failure to adhere to corporate policies can put a business at risk, including an inability to meet obligations for compliance or due diligence exercises or, even worse, an inability to adequately protect data from ransomware attacks.

In this on-demand webinar, speakers from DocuSign and Morae show how these systems can be integrated to reduce risk, enhance efficiency, and pave the way for operational resilience in a time of heightened global risks.

Topics covered were:

  • The security advantages of migrating to the iManage Cloud
  • How DocuSign eSignatures can be integrated seamlessly for fluid governance of agreements
  • A short demonstration of how it all works, all within the iManage platform!
  • Ease of implementation with Morae, the world’s largest iManage Partner and a DocuSign Platinum Partner
  • Use of eSignatures in Legal / Professional Services
  • Integration between eSignatures and iManage
  • The problems that these three solutions solve (DocuSign eSignatures, iManage and Morae integration)

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