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Compliance Work is Hard – How Compliance Functions Can Work Smarter

Watch our on-demand webinar where we explore how effective document management can help to reduce the burden of managing compliance challenges.


Demanding business stakeholders. Demanding regulators. Demanding senior management. In short, compliance functions have it hard.

On a daily basis, compliance functions deal with complex rules and issues as well as gathering, understanding, and managing mountains of detailed information and data. They have to engage effectively with diverse stakeholder groups, on diverse matters, and in diverse ways.

In order to process and keep sensitive information secure and confidential within their organization they need to deliver exact and precise advice and guidance, always being the single source of truth. Add to the mix a growing workload and pressure to do more with the same resources, the administration of compliance work is something they cannot do without.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we explore how effective document management can reduce the burden of managing compliance challenges, including:

  • Simplifying the gathering, structuring, and processing of complex information and data
  • Maintaining the integrity of views in spite of multiple iterations and versions
  • Supporting effective knowledge management and sharing
  • Reducing the admin burden of compliance work, creating a platform for efficiencies
  • Delivering security and confidentiality for the most sensitive documents
  • How one Compliance function at a multinational financial services corporation solved their compliance challenges through using iManage

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