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Contract Lifecycle Management: Best Practices for Technology-Driven Processes

Success is more than the selection and implementation of technology


Considering a CLM program? In this session, BioMarin Pharmaceutical will share their experiences in successfully implementing such programs. Success is more than the selection and implementation of technology. It is crucial to align technology-driven workflows to actual processes and to carefully manage user adoption as an enterprise change management program, including user feedback loops to correct issues. Morae’s Mary Jummati discusses the topic with Juan Jose Gramajo Perez, Manager – Projects and Operations, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

In this session, attendees will learn about:

  • Assessing your current state as a starting point for change
  • Selecting technology that aligns with your organization’s best practices, policies, and processes
  • Utilizing a change management approach to technology and workflow implementation
  • Remembering that ultimate success depends on people!

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