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Governance and Microsoft Teams: Taking Control

Recent trends in MS Teams adoption


Are you rolling out Teams across your organisation?

We’re receiving a lot of calls from our clients for a solution to help them manage Teams in a secure and governed way, that still allows for rapid deployment, and without disrupting today’s quickly evolving working practices. As Law firms and legal teams create hundreds, if not thousands of matters per month, a challenge arises in how to track these activities with their associated matters and enforce information barriers and other security and privacy requirements.

In this recorded webinar from 6th May 2020, David Malkinson and Keith Lipman outline recent trends in MS Teams adoption and give a shapshot view of an ungoverned Teams chaos.

You’ll learn about:

  • Hidden costs of administration and why powershell is unworkable
  • Information Governance issues
  • Constraints of Teams
  • A solution map of iManage and beyond
  • High level design options
  • The challenge and solution

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