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Increase Law Firm Competitiveness Using Data-Driven Customer Experiences

Leveraging data to inform better approaches to winning and keeping clients


The final installment of our Webinar series involves industry leaders exploring how a more professional approach to intelligence gathering can assist in targeting pursuits, growing your client base, and increasing market share. This on-demand webinar focuses on how competition between law firms has never been greater and, as firms increasingly jockey for position, data has emerged as a key weapon in the battle. To gain an edge, tech savvy firms have recognised the need to urgently leverage their data to inform better approaches to winning new clients and ensuring great service for current ones.

Join us for a discussion of the Sidley Austin experience in using data to increase the firm’s competitiveness, including:

  • Placing Value on Customer Experience: Customer Experience (CX) is becoming a value metric to many law firm clients – it is no longer just about costs or outcomes, but about much more.
  • Power From Consolidated Data: Firms no longer need to manually connect data and tirelessly review information sources to seek out trends – solutions can now replace days of manual labour with instant intelligence.
  • Accurate Data Anywhere: Firms can now access data anywhere – in the office or working remotely to better inform their decisions.
  • Helping Future Growth: Firms can ensure greater consistency of service across all of their clients over time – not just those who are considered platinum relationships today.

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