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LegalOps for Start Ups: How Innovative Operating Models Can Help You Run Lean Legal Functions

Challenges, opportunities, and proven solutions to consider


Ensuring robust legal support for startups and private equity/VC firms is crucial, especially for contracts so that deals can close more quickly. But staying on budget can be a challenge. By reimagining and formalizing the ways in which contracts are created, negotiated, and managed, private equity firms and high growth start-ups can greatly expedite the review of contracts to support a more agile go to market strategy.

Join Morae’s Chris Cahn and Priti Parekh to learn about the challenges and opportunities startups face and proven solutions to consider. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Establish and scale legal services at an optimum cost, even on a global basis
  • Quickly attract and retain the right legal talent through the use of service providers
  • Set up innovative Legal Managed Services aligned to achieving aggressive business objectives
  • Provide support for commercial contracts for a more agile sales process
  • Allocate work creatively to optimize the usage of law firms and other legal service providers

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