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LIBOR Transition: Zero in on Desired Outcomes with Efficient Technology-Driven Workflows

Risks and challenges associated with the LIBOR standard’s imminent sunset


Join Chris Cahn, Managing Director at Morae, and Darshan Karia, Solutions Specialist at Relativity, for their in-depth discussion of the risk and challenges associated with the LIBOR standard’s imminent sunset, including how COVID-19 may impact the repapering processes for financial services and other organizations with contracts containing LIBOR clauses.

Included is a live demonstration of an integrated LIBOR transition workflow featuring RelativityOne, DocuSign CLM, and Brainspace.

Attendees will also learn:

  • Data strategies for finding contracts impacted by LIBOR
  • Best practices for remediation and repapering of contracts
  • How to leverage the power of AI for insights and reporting

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