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Managing The Rubik’s Cube of the Legal Department

A shifting work environment presents new challenges for legal management


As your department shifts to a virtual work environment and adjusts to on-going headcount challenges, the new reality of ensuring responsive service delivery, protecting morale and managing costs has become a Rubik’s cube for managing the legal department.

What exacerbates these ongoing challenges is the constant threat of disruption. This tends to come in the form of an event or events that require additional capacity (because the volume of work is increasing, or the size of the team is decreasing or changing) or complementary expertise. If not dealt with well, the pressure of resourcing to meet these needs grows acute because it wastes time, increases risk, and drives-up cost.

This webcast will review innovative approaches to:

  • Gaining flexibility in skills and experience
  • Gaining fluid team capacity
  • Address fluctuations in volume of work
  • Balance time, risk, and cost of the legal department.

Join Darla Nykamp, USAA; Samantha-Anne Horwitch, Citelum; Bill Moll; Morae, alongside our thought leader and moderator Bret Baccus to hear about how we can help prepare your department to respond to the new normal, in key risk areas such as Employment Claims, Privacy Issues, Real Estate, Contract Negotiations and Playbooks.

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