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Streamlining your Contract Signing and Management needs with iManage and DocuSign

Downloading the document from iManage onto your Desktop or OneDrive and then uploading it into DocuSign to begin the signature process takes time and creates duplication. Furthermore, the completed documents often do not make it back into the matter file within iManage.


Morae has developed a solution to integrate the two systems, saving users time and eliminating risk of being unable to locate the executed document. Interested in learning more? Watch Morae’s Chuck Davis and Hunter Tate as they show how these systems can be integrated to reduce risk, enhance efficiency, and pave the way for operational resilience in a time of heightened global risks in this on-demand webinar.

Other topics include:

  • The security advantages of migrating to the iManage Cloud
  • How DocuSign eSignatures can be integrated seamlessly for fluid governance of agreements
  • A short demo of how it all works, all within the iManage platform
  • Ease of implementation with Morae, the world’s largest iManage Partner and a DocuSign Platinum Partner
  • Use of eSignatures in Legal / Professional Services
  • The seamless integration between eSignatures and iManage
  • The problems that these three solutions solve (DocuSign eSignatures, iManage and Morae integration)

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