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Trust Under Fire: How to Build Strong Relationships with Your Legal Advisors

Trust has always mattered, but at a time when both in-house legal teams and law firms are operating in an increasingly pressurised environment, relational capital is a resource growing in value.


While much has been said about trust, less attention has been given to the practical insight about what it means to be worthy of trust. This is no small oversight. At a high-level, trustworthiness legitimises trust, and in the legal context, being a trusted advisor is not the same as being a trustworthy one. Trustworthiness is, arguably, the key to both understanding trust and building stronger relationships with internal and external stakeholders.  

In this exclusive webinar in partnership with Morae, the philosopher and founder of Philosophy at Work, Dr Brennan Jacoby is joined by Sinead Burke, Industry Expert and Matrina Garnett, Sales Director from Apperio, to delve into the science behind trustworthiness and what this means for GCs and their legal partners.

Key highlights included:

  • Introduction to the sliding door concept and how this can be used to develop trustworthy behaviour
  • How to address the imbalance of trust in existing relationships
  • What it means to be emotionally intelligent and how this can be translated to trusting behaviour across digital platforms

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