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Our team of innovative industry leaders has years of experience as trusted advisors to the office of the general counsel and law firms, and a reputation for performance. We focus on measurable quality and efficiency, as well as deliverables that impact strategy, structure, people, processes, data, technology and metrics. Our goal? Produce an optimal operational state for law departments, compliance teams and law firms.

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Situation A Fortune 50 pharmaceutical and life sciences company required a long-term resource plan to support its global expansion. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Conducted a customized, targeted, industry-specific benchmarking survey focused on the internal legal department structure and global resourcing.
  • Distributed the survey questionnaire to participating companies, collected data, tabulated and analyzed results and conducted follow-up interviews.
  • Developed themes and findings and created blind reports for all participants.
  • Made data driven recommendations with clearly identified opportunities to realign resources and workload in preparation for global growth.
Benefits By using industry-specific, customized benchmarks and independent interpretation of the results, the law department was equipped with an executable road map for realignment in support of the global expansion.

A Fortune 25 financial institution was implementing an enterprisewide transformation effort, including significant initiatives within the law department, and was in need of expert assistance developing a campaign to effectively “message the change.” Solutions Our professionals:
  • Identified key stakeholder groups, including those within the law department, business partners and subject matter experts, critical to implementing the transformative initiatives.
  • Conducted a stakeholder assessment to understand their relative position on the change curve and maintained a matrix of stakeholder groups and change inventory along with a timeline to approach change proactively.
  • Identified issues and challenges associated with each change and collaborated with subject matter experts to create a custom messaging campaign for each.
  • Developed a comprehensive communication plan to drive the transformation and ensure all stakeholders understood what was in it for them.
Benefits By taking a holistic approach to change management and communication, the law department was able to align with transformation teams and proactively manage and message change. The result was a long-term cultural shift with minimized resistance and maximized buy-in.

Situation A large independent power producer, with power plants located throughout the United States, had emerged from a difficult financial situation with significant litigation and changes to its business model. The law department needed to adapt to a new management team, a more focused business model and a refined risk profile. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Developed a purpose-built strategic plan in conjunction with the general counsel’s office, which reflected input from key stakeholders across the company, including executive management and business unit leadership.
  • Assembled a 3-year roadmap to better align the law department’s people, process and technology with the new business strategy.
  • Developed new metrics to drive financial stewardship and enable robust reporting of results and value added.
Benefits Under the new plan, customer satisfaction scores increased materially, reflecting the new business-oriented approach and organizational structure. Managing to the new financial profile resulted in more than a 40 percent reduction in outside legal spend.

Situation With most of its department technologies nearing end-of-life, a global manufacturing company sought to identify areas of need and opportunities to leverage corporate technology initiatives. Solutions Morae Global worked with legal operations, user groups and IT to develop a comprehensive technology upgrade strategy that:
  • Methodically reviewed business processes and the current systems supporting them.
  • Created a technology vision to support the company’s overall strategy as well as the law department’s priorities.
  • Developed a detailed implementation plan based on the identified gaps, opportunities and priorities.
  • Identified areas of opportunity and “quick wins” that would yield immediate benefits.
  • Established a practical, logical plan to move forward with recommended changes to process, technology and people to achieve measurable results within realistic time frames.
Benefits The law department used innovative methodologies for seamless collaboration and communication to maximize the use of technology to improve departmental effectiveness and efficiency. At the same time, it strengthened its alignment with broader corporate technology-related initiatives.

Situation A new general counsel at a global engineering, procurement and construction company inherited an experienced team of lawyers that were highly capable, but were not ideally organized to serve a growing, global business and were not supported by a sophisticated operations function. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Designed and delivered a new organizational structure that clearly defined roles and responsibilities and provided for a legal operations function to support the team with process and technology initiatives.
Benefits The legal team is better aligned to support a growing business with increased legal support for critical projects and geographies. As a result, the law department is viewed as a more strategic partner by its clients and senior management.

Situation A large infrastructure construction company was faced with major litigation in a foreign jurisdiction. While it has outside counsel to represent it in-country, the company confronted a growing scope in the matter, which only amplifies the difficulties presented by language, culture, jurisdictional differences and distant locales. Despite being a global company, it did not have all of the internal resources required to effectively strategize, administer and drive these cases toward successful resolution in this jurisdiction. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Supported the existing team by bringing in a senior Morae attorney with experience in the jurisdiction and business climate, as well as experience in the specific subject matter of the litigation.
  • Created the communication systems and data flow necessary to keep the full team, both in-country and at the U.S. headquarters, informed on a timely basis in an environment where things were changing daily.
  • Assisted the in-house team in developing an endgame strategy for working through the litigation, as well as preparation of materials for communication with senior management.
  • Developed a flexible alternative fee arrangement that relied on hourly rates for uncertain work and fixed fees wherever and whenever possible.
Benefits By relying on Morae attorneys and other technical and project management resources, the company was able to fill gaps in areas ranging from strategy to language to culture to data and claims management. All of these services aided the company in gaining an understanding of the growing and evolving litigation in a foreign environment, getting control of the litigation and developing a strategy to effectively work it to a successful conclusion over time. The adaptable fee arrangement that was part hourly and part fixed fee allowed for both flexibility and increased predictability.

Situation A Fortune 50 company’s law department desired to modernize and become a “best in class” organization. To help implement this, they sought a consulting partner to guide them through a wholesale transformation of their processes, technologies, strategic partnerships and culture. Solution Morae Global:

  • Worked with the law department to uncover the issues impacting the department’s efficiency and effectiveness and provide recommendations on improving operational performance.
  • Developed a prioritized implementation plan with defined goals and timelines.
  • Assisted with the development of a comprehensive talent management and succession planning program.
  • Developed and rolled out financial and project management processes and tools in order to foster a shared sense of fiscal responsibility.
  • Designed and implemented matter management, document management and IP management systems across the global organization.
  • Supported charge management efforts to ensure sustainable success.
Benefits The multiyear transformation resulted in increased efficiency and effectiveness, which enabled the law department to deliver more value to the business. The department developed a culture that promotes transparency, accountability, collaboration and partnership, and the general counsel has greater control, predictability and certainty over legal spend.

Situation The law department at a leading multinational courier sought to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of how its internal clients viewed and used the department’s resources. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Designed and executed an internal online survey to better understand the viewpoints of key clients, stakeholders and law department staff.
  • Conducted follow-up discussions to gain a deeper understanding of key areas.
  • Provided observations and recommendations with bespoke insights on:
    • how the stakeholders view the department and its role in the organization;
    • when, why and how the clients engage with the department;
    • the attributes clients most value;
    • how the law department’s priorities and delivery methods align with their expectations; and
    • opportunities for better alignment with senior leadership, customers and partners.
Benefits Through a comprehensive Voice of Customer assessment based on best practices, the law department was able to better understand the needs and wants of corporate leadership and other key stakeholders. The assessment also facilitated strategic and long-term planning, provided concrete ways to improve service delivery and determined metrics to help demonstrate legal’s value to the enterprise.


Situation A small, but rapidly growing new NASDAQ registrant was lacking a formal internal compliance program and needed to prioritize its efforts and rapidly build a program to effectively meet its obligations. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Partnered with a law firm and used a compliance program assessment to perform a detailed evaluation of the company’s opportunities.
  • Evaluated the company’s existing compliance elements against the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.
  • Combined a formal survey process with interviews of key company personnel and a database of benchmarks to perform a rapid and effective assessment.
Benefits Using a prioritized compliance road map, the company was able to develop an appropriate compliance program using detailed benchmarking.

Situation The company was missing a comprehensive evaluation of its compliance-related risks, including the potential severity of the risks it faced, and an assessment of how well the company was controlling these risks. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Guided the company’s legal department through a facilitated risk assessment. Splitting the law department into cross-functional groups, we guided it through an evaluation of more than 80 compliance risks, using our comprehensive risk assessment process.
  • Consolidated the results and stress-tested the findings with the members of the law department and prioritized the short- and long-term opportunities for the company to improve its compliance risk profile.
Benefits The company used the formal risk assessment for the law department to set its strategy and develop its compliance plan, resulting in three detailed project plans to address the priority compliance risks and a process for monitoring and measuring changes in its compliance risk profile. The company also benefited from the hands-on exercise, which brought the law department team closer together and increased the compliance IQ for all team members.

Situation The law department for an automotive company lacked a standard global intellectual property process, resulting in increased spending on outside counsel and limited visibility into how the IP work was allocated and handled. Solution Morae Global:

  • Refined and clarified the roles and responsibilities across in-house counsel and legal staff, including expansion of the intellectual property department to move a greater portion of patent prosecution work in-house.
  • Mapped all patents to their associated product offerings.
  • Implemented technologies to increase accuracy in internal reporting and to analyze the portfolio against the competitive landscape.
  • Unified intellectual property management processes globally.
Benefits The company saved more than 30 percent in patent-prosecution costs as IP and business strategy became more closely aligned. It also gained from increased efficiency and effectiveness through the use of a consistent, standardized workflow.

Situation This client had historically operated with a highly decentralized compliance environment where numerous people and functions had compliance responsibility, which was considered a major factor in leading this company into very significant financial and regulatory trouble. Our professionals were engaged to design a new, enterprise-wide compliance program and create a new, centralized compliance function. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Created a compliance framework that was adopted by the board.
  • Designed a new compliance function and job description and assisted with staffing and candidate search and evaluation.
  • Developed the core procedures for the compliance function, including risk assessment and evaluation, policy development, communication, monitoring and reporting procedures.
  • Planned a variety of risk-based initiatives, including FCPA, international obligation and appropriate business communication initiatives.
  • Designed and implemented compliance system tools, including compliance risk management, consent decree management and an international obligations system.
Benefits The company then had a virtual Compliance Education Center that integrated online compliance training, compliance policies and guidelines, compliance tools and resources and critical compliance messaging.

Situation This was a new engagement from a document capture perspective but for an established client; one of the largest financial services providers in the world. Initially we devoted a large amount of time to truly understanding the clients’ regulatory concerns and how they manifest with regard to their documentation storage and indexing – before developing a solution. Solutions We deployed Capture.IQ for processing, storage and reporting, minimizing expensive intensive labour. Each rule set had to be carefully considered to maximize data capture and enable robust analysis and reporting – as is often the way we start with a base but what we develop is client bespoke. We have extensive regulatory remediation experience and leveraged this in developing the technology and also the overall process. We created a structured, secure, searchable Client Data Repository. We were directly accountable for quality and accuracy and employed a two stage process featuring a strong people expert component as well as technology. Benefits Accuracy level of 99.6% Ongoing, near real-time processing for new documents (increasing productivity and customer service) Reporting and analytics element enables greater risk management e.g. quickly establish riskier clausing or geographic and sector exposures All reference data is then rapidly integrated into downstream banking systems, allowing traders to more efficiently and more effectively analyse and understand their derivatives portfolio The responsive and transparency facilitated here gives confidence from a Regulator perspective and enables the rapid updating of documentation

Situation A large manufacturing company determined that it should not use its limited internal resources as the first point of call for the company’s employee hotline, but did not want to bear the expense of paying a law firm to do so. The need was for a seasoned and competent lawyer with the experience to evaluate, prioritize and appropriately deal with issues brought to the company through that channel in a professional way. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Deployed a team of legal professionals to man the hotline full-time, receive the calls and address them directly or bring the issues to the attention of the appropriate person within the organization.
  • Tracked all issues through to resolution using metrics that provided the real-time information on status, number of open issues, individuals or groups with responsibility and types of matters.
  • Instituted a procedure for working remedial actions in order to reduce the number of incidents and spend over time.
Benefits With low fixed-fee pricing and a success fee for driving down incidents over time, the company reduced the cost of communicating effectively with its employee base through its hotline without increasing the risk of mishandled issues. Additionally, implementation of new processes and systems allowed the company to reduce the number and types of issues, thereby further reducing the cost of the entire program over time.

Situation A company wanted to ensure that its employees received the appropriate training to prevent harassment, discrimination and other inappropriate workplace behaviors, but did not have the training materials or infrastructure to regularly deliver this training to its existing and new employees. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Developed an e-learning training course that addressed the company’s identified risk areas.
  • Handled the delivery of this training and provided the platform and administration to deliver the training and report results.
Benefits The company received a low-cost solution to address its critical compliance gap, and both existing and new employees were able to receive the training they needed, when they needed it.

Situation A major financial and regulatory institution was concerned about its compliance risk from potential money laundering activities. Our professionals were part of a team that evaluated the money laundering compliance risk and designed a program to address this risk. Our role was to complement outside counsel’s legal advice with the organizational, process and technology elements required to put the program into operation. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Completed an assessment of areas that posed the most significant anti-money laundering (AML) risk (e.g., nature of business, customers, control environment) and evaluated the controls in place.
  • Created a detailed implementation plan.
  • Implemented an AML customer risk ranking methodology and procedures.
  • Developed new processes for collecting and updating “know your customer” (KYC) information.
Benefits The team complemented outside counsel’s legal advice by providing the organizational, process and technology elements required to put the program into operation, including detailed implementation plans, escalation procedures and reports for spotting suspicious activity.

Situation As part of a corporate-wide cost-cutting initiative, the Legal and Compliance function of a global energy company was given a mandate to significantly reduce its spend profile within a one-month time frame. Morae Global was engaged to help develop a plan to significantly cut internal and external costs while minimizing disruption, continuing to support ongoing business operations and maintaining the risk profile. Solutions Due to the short time fuse, within the space of three weeks, Morae Global:
  • Developed, distributed and gathered responses from a workload survey distributed to more than 100 employees spread around the globe. This survey provided up-to-date data on the volumes and types of work being performed by each individual and group and served as a basis for determining how work could be more effectively allocated.
  • Conducted interviews and focus groups with key legal and compliance resources to identify gaps and overlaps in the work portfolio and to better understand how Legal and Compliance supported key stakeholders.
  • Developed a holistic internal and external annual spend profile, after gathering information from dozens of internal sources and synthesizing it into a complete and accurate picture to use as a baseline for spending reductions.
  • Gathered, reviewed and analyzed two years of outside counsel invoice data to identify areas for “quick win” cost reductions and develop a longer-term sourcing and management strategy for sustainable savings.
  • Prepared several detailed cost-reduction scenarios, including the risks and benefits associated with each.
  • Outlined an improved outside counsel management program that incorporated technology and process improvements, updated engagement terms and outlined sustainable cost reductions.
  • The General Counsel was equipped with sufficient hard data and expert recommendations to implement an informed restructuring plan.
  • The Legal and Compliance functions were able to meet the corporate mandate for significant immediate cost reduction with limited disruption while continuing to ensure compliance risk was properly managed.

Situation Clutch was called upon to assist our client, one of the world’s largest financial services institutions, comply with an investigation request from a regulator. Our client had been instructed to examine a significant volume of commercial securities trades, executed over a number of years, for signs of collusion and misconduct. Clutch’s role was to manage this process, including establishing the population all the way through to analysis and reconstruction for every applicable trade. Solutions In under a month, our data analytics team developed and deployed a managed process, incorporating bespoke software to allow us to deliver a report consisting of the relevant trades, fully reconstructed from across assorted media types.. Rather than compiling everything manually, Clutch analysts can seamlessly pull data from workflow platforms into our custom application using applied and developed criteria e.g. product type; price variation. They can then establish the trade population (from the vast amount of data supplied by the client) by examining trade confirmations and conversations (including audio, email, and chat data) to flag relevant information and patterns within them. Benefits The rankings provided by Clutch, as well as the system developed to obtain those rankings will enable the client to monitor their business going forward for trades that feature compliance or conduct issues. For future engagements, the trade reconstruction workflow and custom application created by Clutch can be leveraged quickly, as it is designed to work seamlessly with standard review workflow platforms.

Contract Lifecycle

Situation A large financial services company needed a user-friendly, cloud-based, scalable solution to help automate complex sales contracts (MSA, SOWs, Addendums and Pricing forms). Solution Morae Global helped streamline the client’s forms and approval processes (intake, review, negotiation and approval) through a creative solution that automated sales contract generation as well as advanced workflows for intake and review of third-party contracts. All contracts are stored in a single repository which enables accurate searching, reporting and analytics. Benefits Automated contract generation and approval processes helped significantly reduce contract cycles and time taken by legal teams for contract review and approval. Enhanced contract visibility and turnaround times elevated the stature of the legal team as a true business enabler.

Situation A large international technology, media and entertainment company needed a scalable, enterprise contract and document management system to automate document generation and approvals. Solution Morae Global implemented a contract management system to support enterprisewide contract management. The solution included automation of approval workflows and integration with Salesforce, single sign-on and eSignature tools. Morae Global continues to provide post-implementation support as well as ongoing contract tagging and analytics. Benefits Contract automation resulted in self-service of routine agreements such as NDAs. Our solution also enabled a reduction of more than $500,000 in software licensing costs, a 30-40 percent reduction in contracting cycle times and robust visibility into key contract and compliance provisions.

Situation A large media company needed a single contract repository and an automated contract intake process to streamline requests between various business owners, IT and legal. Solution Morae Global implemented a user-friendly intake and triage process for automated contract intake and reporting. The contract repository was configured to ensure key contract provisions and metadata were search-enabled and contract data could be easily exported to a dashboard for ongoing reporting. Morae Global trained users in multiple locations and continues to provide post-implementation support. Benefits The simplicity of the user interface design, together with a streamlined process for intake, triage and reporting, enhanced the user experience and helped drive broad adoption.

Situation A top 10 hedge fund had a shared hard drive with over 40,000 active and expired vendor-side agreements and kept a manually updated spreadsheet for tracking the agreements. The contracts were difficult to search and did not provide any insights into contractual obligations. The company needed a cost-effective way to gain insight into their contracts, archive expired and terminated agreements and capture relevant contract metadata to load into a new contract life cycle management (CLM) software solution. Solutions Morae Global:
  • Leveraged technology and a blend of onshore and offshore legal resources to review the 40,000 files, extracting contractually relevant documents from email, approval cover sheets and financial forecasts.
  • Threaded 22,000 documents into contract families by relating master agreements with associated amendments and statements of work.
  • Captured relevant metadata from each document, including legal obligations and the client’s customized attributes fields.
  • Configured a CLM solution that provided a structured repository with advanced search capabilities, dynamic reporting and custom notifications.
  • Created a load file of all the relevant documents’ metadata for ingestion into the new CLM solution.
Benefits Morae Global transformed a chaotic contract warehouse into a structured agreement repository while providing search capabilities and actionable insights. The legal department is now proactive in contract management and a trusted business partner to drive company growth. Additionally, Morae Global’s flexible resourcing model and per document fee offered the client peace of mind that the project would be completed in 12 weeks and on budget.

Situation As part of enterprise-wide sales and procurement improvement initiatives, a global manufacturer and supplier of tooling and industrial materials decided to replace its existing contract management system with a technology platform integrated across the enterprise. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Conducted interviews and workshops with stakeholder groups across all geographies and functions – including sales, finance, pricing, marketing, IP, legal and procurement – to understand and document existing processes and develop functional design documents for new ones.
  • Configured the system based on identified requirements.
  • Incorporated multiple touchpoints such as design validation, user acceptance testing and role-based training with the end users to maximize buy-in.
  • Jump-started organizational adoption by identifying “change champions.”
  • Crafted a migration strategy to ensure existing documents would be available to users upon go-live.
  • Executed a “prioritized rollout” to guarantee support was readily available.
Benefits New contract management processes leveraged the company’s enterprise-wide system to remove bottlenecks and decrease contract cycle times.


A mining company had no consistent source of expertise to advise on contract issues and no clear and consistent process for entering into agreements.


Morae Global:

  • Placed a senior Morae attorney with the company to bring consistency and experience to the contracting process. This attorney drew upon the right subject matter experts based on the skills needed and the time frame to address the range of issues that are part of running a major business.
  • Assisted the company to develop a companywide process for negotiating and entering into the agreements needed to operate its business effectively.


Our dedicated, yet flexible solution allowed the company to adjust its resources (up and down) to match workload needs. Additionally, the implementation of a companywide process for negotiating and entering into agreements resulted in efficiencies through a reduction in workload

Situation The general counsel and legal operations professional for a Fortune 500 engineering, procurement and construction company left almost simultaneously. The interim general counsel needed immediate expertise to develop the annual departmental budget and provide ongoing support to maintain momentum for existing projects, including improvements to the department’s matter management and electronic billing systems. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Developed a plan to provide both project-specific and “on-call” legal operations support to meet the pending departmental budget submission deadline and continue the progress of in-flight initiatives.
  • Gathered available historical budget materials and worked with the legal leadership team to consolidate and synthesize budget and forecast input, advise on appropriate budgeting methodology and produce the required budget submission forms, complete with detailed analysis, justifications and variance explanations.
  • Supported the legal team in negotiating the approval and revision process through finalization of the budget.
  • Worked with the key stakeholders to determine the state-of-play and develop a near-term plan to continue the technology initiatives, including improvements to enhance user adoption and streamline the interactions between legal and accounting functions.
Benefits With little lead time, the law department received expert, custom-tailored, legal operations management for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time staff.

Discovery Services

Situation The law department for a national energy company was under pressure to “do more with less” and was under threat of drastic cost and headcount reductions. The team was not equipped to demonstrate the value it delivered to the organization and therefore could not effectively respond to blanket cost reduction mandates. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Determined how the law department’s clients and business partners viewed the quality of its service delivery and identified the key metrics that were most important to the internal clients.
  • Conducted detailed assessments to determine how the legal team viewed its own performance and uncovered the most relevant measurements necessary to improve performance and demonstrate results.
  • Applied this knowledge to help the legal team alter how it prioritized its work. Metrics were defined that would track improvement against these new priorities.
  • Redeployed existing technology to gather and report on quantitative data, supplemented by gathering qualitative “soft” data such as client satisfaction and law firm performance evaluations.
  • Demonstrated to the various stakeholders not only progress against established metrics, but also the team’s willingness to self-assess and advertise results that made the legal department a leader in the organization.
Benefits By developing a uniform, data-driven approach to defining appropriate metrics, gathering the necessary information and reporting to critical constituencies, the law department was able to demonstrate value to the organization and be recognized as a leader among support functions in the areas of transparency and continuous improvement.

Situation A global Fortune 10 company sought to rein in discovery costs and improve defensibility, consistency and efficiency in responding to litigation. The company needed to design and implement a best-in-class discovery operation including defined processes, supporting documentation, leading technology, external vendors, tailored pricing models, change management at all levels and a dedicated in-house team to govern the function and manage results. The pivotal shift was moving away from a model where decision making on process, tools, vendors and costs was performed on a discrete, case-by-case basis and replacing it with a programmatic approach. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Assessed the present-day discovery operations in parallel with providing direct support across active legal matters to learn- and assess-by-doing.
  • Documented the areas for improvement and reviewed with project leadership to align on priorities vis-à-vis the law department’s vision for the future.
  • Compiled recommendations across process, technology, vendors, staffing, spend and reporting and co-developed an implementation plan to guide the transformation of discovery operations.
  • Recommended legal hold technology and two preferred discovery service providers by identifying requirements, completing a time-sensitive and expert-driven selection process, conducting structured demos (pilots) and performing deployment planning, sizing and pricing.
  • Implemented legal hold technology, tailored a data collections protocol using industry standard tools, created a dedicated collection specialist role, on-boarded the two preferred discovery service providers (for data culling and managed review) and standardized document production and quality control procedures.
  • Interviewed and trained resources to serve as dedicated in-house case managers and provided change management and training to 65 attorneys and paralegals.
Benefits The company realized discovery cost savings of 30-40 percent compared to industry peers with similar litigation portfolios. Furthermore, as a result of performing the assessment and development work while simultaneously supporting active legal matters, the company was able to minimize impact on the law department’s special projects budget by allocating a portion of the costs to the case-level budgets.

Situation A corporate client was seeking to transform its discovery management operations by procuring and implementing new end-to-end discovery technology to replace its usage and reliance on discovery service providers. The primary driver behind the transformation was a large, complex, multiparty and multi-issue case anticipated to last several years and require review of multiple TBs of data. Solutions Morae Global:
  • Helped the company evaluate a range of electronic discovery technology and deployment options, ultimately selecting a solution that allowed the company to procure a new discovery platform license and seat it in Morae’s cloud environment.
  • Assessed historic collection volumes and ongoing professional service needs to provide the company with a fixed, predictable annual cost for data management and associated services, effectively eliminating consumption-based data processing and hosting fees.
  • Coordinated the complex migration of multiple TBs of previously processed data from the existing discovery service provider’s platform to Morae’s cloud-based environment.
  • Provided day-to-day discovery case management services across the full discovery spectrum, from matter initiation and planning through collection, processing, review, production and matter close.
Benefits The company was able to implement superior discovery technology with minimal infrastructure setup and ongoing maintenance costs by seating its license in Morae’s managed-cloud environment. Furthermore, this deployment mode enabled it to quickly and seamlessly transition its data and current matter activity from the existing provider to the new cloud-based environment. The fixed cost pricing model provided the company with significant cost savings and predictability while Morae’s dedicated project managers provided best-in-class professional services and support to usher its matters through all phases of discovery.

Situation The discovery team of a global Fortune 10 energy company required assistance to support internal case teams and outside counsel with the day-to-day planning, coordination and execution of discovery tasks. The company knew its paralegals did not have the appropriate bandwidth or domain expertise to manage the discovery process across its litigation portfolio and, as a result, processes were inconsistently applied across matters, and a significant portion of administrative discovery tasks were being neglected or performed by expensive outside counsel. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Served as seconded case managers providing daily on-site and remote support across the full discovery spectrum, from matter initiation and planning through collection, processing, review, production and matter close.
  • Provided subject matter expertise and guidance to case teams on best practices for managing/prioritizing large-scale data collections, developing defensible yet effective search criteria, setting up efficient document review protocols and producing documents.
  • Helped define and document a new discovery support framework to align the right tasks with the right resources and ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities across the in-house attorney, paralegals, collections team, seconded case manager and outside counsel.
  • Enhanced existing and created new discovery forms, checklists and trackers to standardize the application of processes across matters and enhance tracking and reporting capabilities while performing the work on the matter.
Benefits The company’s discovery process defensibility and efficiency were significantly enhanced, as were the quality of their deliverables and ability to meet discovery deadlines. Furthermore, the company was able to achieve cost savings by “in-sourcing” the discovery work to our lower-cost, seconded resources using a fixed pricing arrangement as opposed to outside counsel’s higher hourly rates while also building internal domain expertise through the daily on-site collaboration with our team.

Situation Clutch was called upon to assist our client, a large financial services institution, comply with investigation requests from regulators in the US and Europe. Data from the matter spanned across three jurisdictions. Solutions We determined that the best way to efficiently identify relevant information while reducing costs was to develop a defensible predictive model (leverage technology assisted review – TAR) to identify key documents for investigative and production purposes with minimal linear review. Benefits The decision to drive the review through a predictive model and advanced analytical tools was validated not only by the drastically shortened timeline and the tremendous cost savings, but also by our two stage Quality Control process and comparison of results to documents tagged by outside counsel.

Situation A large company faced a six-week deadline to review over five million documents pursuant to an HSR Second Request from the Department of Justice. The company and its outside counsel could not scale up to review the documents with existing processes and technology and sought a discovery service provider to help them meet the aggressive deadline. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Ingested and indexed several terabytes of custodial data using leading data processing technology.
  • Systematically and defensibly removed over one million nonrelevant documents by conducting a structured data analysis on communication flows, domains, file types, source paths and client-specific metadata patterns.
  • Streamlined first-pass review workflow by utilizing email threading and conceptual ordering to prioritize the most important custodians’ data first.
  • Increased review speed and accuracy by combining predictive coding and contract attorney review across multiple review teams.
  • Devised and delivered a rolling production strategy that satisfied the DOJ’s requirements and met the six-week deadline.
Benefits Review speed and accuracy were optimized through expert-driven use of technology, enabling the client to meet a challenging deadline that would have not otherwise have been feasible using traditional linear review. By leveraging analytics, costly manual review was avoided on 75 percent of the document population, while exceeding the DOJ’s statistical requirements.

Document Management


Freeths was looking to replace its outdated legacy system with a best of breed document management system that would integrate seamlessly with its Aderant practice management and knowledge systems.


iManage Cloud and Work 10 were selected for their outstanding range of features, superior performance and market-leading data security credentials. Migrating its document management to the iManage Cloud will reduce Freeths’ IT infrastructure costs, add growth-focused scalability, and support business agility and flexible working by enabling users to access and share documents from any device in any location at any time.


Morae's proprietary software enhances the iManage experience as Workspace Control solution integrates Aderant with iManage and ensures a consistent data model across both systems for security, metadata and folder management and the technology transformation which will provide their users with the modern, seamless, scalable systems that their growing business needs.


A client-focused approach to every matter is an imperative to Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg and the firm’s culture of teamwork, its focus on client needs, and willingness to adapt quickly to meet marketplace demands are key factors behind its success. Any technology solution deployed by the firm must support the client-centric culture and provide the firms’ 150+ attorneys with the ability to engage, collaborate and source the data on client matters in the most secure, effective and productive manner.


Having previously partnered with Phoenix Business Solutions to design, support and maintain its firm-wide document and email management solution, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg is working with Phoenix to deploy Phoenix MatterView, a powerful data consolidation engine to both provide rich business insight for its attorneys on their active matters and gain access to historical data to improve efficiency. Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg utilize iManage Work as the central repository for document and email management. To date, the differing data sources, such as financial information on billing and invoicing, have acted as separate repositories for the different elements of client matters, with attorneys having to enter the individual systems, or make multiple requests across departments, to gain a comprehensive view of a case. With Phoenix MatterView, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg have a single view of all information relevant to client matters by re-purposing the otherwise blank space on the iManage matter workspace with reports that include time, billing, and document production with matter notes and task management. Brian Creona, Application Development Manager and project sponsor at Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP, comments on the reasons for the project: “Attorneys really need three things available: they require communications, documents, and access to time and billing information. Our latest initiative with Phoenix is to bring all these critical data points together into a single space that gives them the executive view they need with the core facets they require to deliver high quality client service with maximum business efficiency.” With the implementation of Phoenix MatterView, all relevant matter data will be connected into a single, central dashboard that can be easily interrogated for deep business insight. Brian explains: “Phoenix MatterView is an innovative solution, designed with Phoenix’s deep knowledge of the legal industry and how lawyers work in mind. It provides us a means of taking advantage of key data sources, consolidating the critical information and delivering it in the matter workspace. It will certainly help save attorneys’ time and maximize their effectiveness.” Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg is currently working with Phoenix to build the core dashboards for firm-wide implementation for delivery as part of the Windows 10 and Office 2016 initiatives. In addition, by engaging each practice group individually and identifying the important metrics, reports and functionality they want, bespoke dashboards will be built for each team for greater matter and business insight, and to help ensure adoption amongst attorneys.


The integration and roll out of MatterView, will provide the Chicago-based, full-service law firm with detailed, real-time insight into its matter data – including financials, tasks, activity levels and workflows – in an executive format developed with lawyers’ needs at its core. Brian concludes: “The support from Phoenix to date has been exemplary, and we are already planning ahead to add new functionality and capabilities into the system; for example, we’re currently talking about providing attorneys with mobile access to their dashboards, which fits perfectly with the industry’s increasing need to work more flexibly and insightfully. “Ultimately, it’s about using technology to enhance both the way we work as a firm, and being able to provide the best possible service to our clients. Phoenix understands that and is a true technology partner in that regard.”

Situation A Fortune 50 company had never taken action to implement a disposition process because of concerns that records might be prematurely destroyed. As a result, the company had accumulated fifty years’ worth of physical records and electronic information stored in email archives, file servers, backup tapes and numerous content repositories. The company sought assistance to remediate its legacy data and implement a go-forward defensible disposition process to combat the escalating costs of storage, added litigation risk and cost of discovery. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Worked with legal, IT and business stakeholders to inventory all relevant legacy data stores and develop global data disposition criteria.
  • Developed a strategy for the defensible disposition of legacy information in hard copy and electronic forms, including a phased implementation road map based on business priorities.
  • Established a legal hold validation process to ensure records required for ongoing legal matters were excluded from the disposition process.
  • Leveraged data analytics tools to support the evaluation of legacy information and perform quality assurance on disposition decisions.
  • Helped develop a legally defensible disposition process to enable the company to conduct ongoing disposition of records and information in the “normal course of business.”
  • Provided guidance, change management communications and training to inform and educate responsible employees on the disposition process.
Benefits The company was able to achieve considerable cost savings associated with storage and management of both electronic information and physical records. The road map provided a phased implementation, enabling the company to demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach and realize immediate benefits without overcommitting available resources. Furthermore, by establishing a defensible disposition process, the company was able to enhance access to information needed to support ongoing business and dispose of redundant, obsolete and transitory information with appropriate checks to prevent the premature disposal of information subject to legal hold.


Beiten Burkhardt began reassessing its desktop productivity software as part of a larger initiative to upgrade to a new and modern desktop environment.


Morae along with DocsCorp were chosen by Beiten Burkhardt to implement the DocsCorp suite of desktop applications to complement the firm’s iManage Work 10 Desktop and Mobility environment, which empowers staff to work together from anywhere to support their clients.


Users will have secure access to the entire DocsCorp suite and their feedback was that they preferred the DocsCorp software over competitor solutions because it was easy to use and had a consistent UI alongside the current DocsCorp. The technology and innovative work solutions implemented enable more efficient delivery of the best possible service to their clients.

Talking the right language

With over 700 property experts and personnel, Carter Jonas is one of the UK’s largest firms of property consultants, providing a full range of integrated property services via its extensive UK office network. Over the last three years, the organisation has experienced a period of unprecedented growth, which has seen it add new business lines and expand its geographical reach, culminating in the launch of a Birmingham office in September 2016. Having identified early in its business planning that technology, systems and processes were crucial to its success, Carter Jonas knew that a fast, effective and scalable document management solution (DMS) was required to meet the ever increasing information management demands across the business. The business required an agile and flexible solution that was robust enough to meet both the needs of the business in driving productive working practices, as well as adhering to the high standards of governance and compliance demanded in this sector, and looked to the consultancy expertise of Phoenix Business Solutions. Phoenix not only offered the technology, enterprise search and document management capabilities required, they also spoke the language of professional services. Understanding not just how property companies work, but also taking time to get to grips with how Carter Jonas operates, laid the foundations for success. Business continuity, collaboration between dispersed teams and safeguarding Carter Jonas information assets were top-level objectives. Drilling down, that meant resolving several practical problems including:
  • Lack of a uniform policy for storing electronic information meant all staff saved information differently using various file structures on local office servers.
  • Constant sharing and collaboration as part of daily activities made it hard to ensure that one version of the same document existed. With photos, plans and often duplicate files held at local offices, emailing between offices or making copies was the norm.
  • Staff often reverted to taking physical files to client sites, relying on administrators to retrieve all relevant project files and produce printed copies.
  • Email transactions relating to project work were invariably saved in individual mailboxes with no relation to data stored on local servers which caused difficulties when staff members were unavailable or left the firm.
Carter Jonas needed to electronically file all content relating to each property including documents, emails, photos, plans etc. for each lease transaction. Access was required not only from a desktop but also via mobiles, tablets or other internet connection so that staff could effectively work anywhere but still maintain security and compliance standards.

Creating a vision for the future

It was important to kick off the project with the right approach; for Carter Jonas that meant complete buy-in across the business. IT Director, Tim Spencer explains further. “We didn’t want this to be seen only as an IT project. The application sponsor was the Chairman and it was presented as a business-wide project with Phoenix playing a key part from the beginning.” Phoenix brought in the entire Carter Jonas project team for a kick-off meeting to make clear what was required, who would need to be involved and how long the process would take. Managing expectations from the start and identifying the risks – particularly regarding the data migration phase – were important steps to ensure issues didn’t arise later. Throughout the scoping and design phase Phoenix engaged with the different areas of Carter Jonas through workshops, thus enabling staff to feed into the final design of the solution. Tim Spencer highlight the importance of this step. “Culturally this was a big change as staff were moving from a reliance on hard copies and their own folders to a far more structured approach.” One of the key reasons why Carter Jonas chose Phoenix was because they wanted a customised, integrated solution, not an ‘out of the box’ installation. Although top level design principles were agreed, a level of flexibility in what users could do was also accommodated, which proved popular with individual departments with very specific working practices.

A fully integrated, best-of-breed solution

The solution Phoenix built for Carter Jonas utilised iManage Work enhanced with Phoenix software to enable ease of integration with the firm’s property management system. This created a robust and scalable document and email management platform that works seamlessly with Microsoft Office and the firm’s IT infrastructure. The DMS supports the integrated management of all office electronic documents relating to clients, jobs and opportunities including WP, email, spreadsheets, presentations, photos etc. Additional document types can be added as required. The system enables storage, retrieval and viewing of files in their native format without the need to have the applications that generated the file initially. All components of the solution are scalable and able to support different offices experiencing varying degrees of available bandwidth and connectivity. And where staff members from other teams need to collaborate, they can still access the DMS as part of an extended team without the need for a desktop installation. Tim Spencer is delighted: “We now have much more powerful search and retrieval across multiple platforms which makes a big difference for our fee earners, especially when they are on site. The days when they drove around with 10 files in the boot of the car are long gone.” “We’ve been able to further enhance our security and data protection policies, so for example we now send links to documents, not attachments. Only those who need a document have visibility thanks to our tightened access control protocols. Another added benefi t is that we have a full audit trail and can now see who has printed or previewed a file which gives further assurances about our approach to governance and compliance status. We’ve even reduced our print costs and environmental impact as everything is filed electronically.”

Delivering change

A key part of the solution is how it integrates into Carter Jonas’ existing systems for information fl ow and reduced clicks: it’s seamless for users with no need to rekey data. But no matter how fine-tuned the solution is, the migration from old to new needed to be handled carefully as Tim Spencer explains. “Phoenix was extremely experienced in process management and delivery. They were key to the design of our solution and their consultants were clearly very experienced and helped to engage our stakeholders from the beginning. I think Phoenix managed post implementation and milestone support particularly well too. Once you have migrated data in you need to be agile enough to fi x the inevitable issues in a timely fashion. Our end-users didn’t feel any pain or become aggrieved which was important.” But the biggest challenge was getting people to change the way they work. This became easier once individual users could experience first-hand how intuitive their custom-built solution was. The fact that it is all accessible via familiar applications helped, as well as the support available. Tim Spencer agrees. “Some offices were more concerned about the change than others, so training and floor-walking were essential, especially where we were low on resource. We used a combination of Phoenix trainers and our own and this worked really well.” Tim Spencer sums up some of the reasons why this ongoing partnership continues to be a positive and productive one. “For me, Phoenix does several things really well. They bring to bear extensive experience of the products; they roll out best practice in a fluid manner; and they’re also agile and flexible with change requests.” The solution designed and deployed by Phoenix has enabled Carter Jonas to benefit from improved accessibility to streamlined and synchronised content, which has delivered more effective, collaborative and productive working practices, whilst providing the firm with greater control. This has resulted in considerable time savings and a reduction in operating costs across the business. “I’d definitely recommend Phoenix to others,” Tim concludes.


This Australian law firm had long relied on their on-premises document management system for almost 20 years however, the system was outdated, inflexible, nearing end of life. After an extensive analysis process the firm decided to migrate to a brand-new platform.


This project was one of the largest data migrations in the southern hemisphere, involving around 100 million documents and Morae identified that the firm would benefit from implementing iManage RAVN, an artificial intelligence tool to identify information, understand the structure of the documents and classify the data for improved future search outcomes.


The immediate results were faster, more intuitive search/usability and better access to content across the board as well as experiencing a noticeable performance improvement for the firm's Asian offices, who previously often suffered from bandwidth issues as the platform is able to service over 1,400 users easily.

Situation A global pharmaceutical company sought assistance to create an integrated global records and information management (RIM) policy and program to enhance its ability to access business-critical information and more efficiently respond to discovery requests. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Conducted an assessment of current record keeping practices for each business unit and geography to identify stakeholder needs, readiness for change and ability to support a global RIM program.
  • Developed a global RIM policy, geographic-specific records retention schedules and supporting standard operating procedures.
  • Defined the framework necessary to support the global program, inclusive of roles and responsibilities, supporting technology and compliance and monitoring protocols.
  • Designed a process-based implementation methodology and phased road map to support the change necessary within each business unit to achieve compliance.
Benefits The company improved the management, access and reliability of information used to support business operations by establishing a legally defensible records and information management program. The practical transition plan enabled business operations to incorporate RIM requirements by leveraging available technology without adding any burden to end users.

Situation The document management technology for a global manufacturing company’s law department was approaching end-of-life, and upgrading the system would require as much effort as a new implementation. The department decided to replace the aging system with a new one. Solution Morae Global:

  • Assisted in selecting a new system by developing high-level system requirements, shortlisting two solutions from an original list of 15 candidates and recommending a winning solution for IT, legal and the business.
  • Crafted a migration strategy to ensure that existing legacy matters would be available to users upon go-live.
  • Developed a global design and rollout plan covering 60 countries and 1,000 users.
  • Led a worldwide implementation with a compressed timeline.
  • Jump-started organizational adoption by identifying and involving “support champions” early on and promoted further buy-in through marketing activities such as end-user demos and frequent communications.
Benefits By building a “matter-centric” design with an interface to the department’s matter management and other systems, the law department was able to minimize document profiling, improve its ability to find information and facilitate collaboration while simplifying the storing of documents and improving information life cycle management.


A leading Irish law firm undertook a recent IT infrastructure renewal, choosing to upgrade the firm to the latest cloud-based document management system with a software and hardware refresh.


Morae Global provided a "Big Bang" implementation which successfully delivered a seamless transition between systems with minimal user disruption, all within the time frame of five months from signing a contract to go-live. This included migrating the firms data out of the old DMS and into iManage Cloud as well as integrating the firm's time and billing systems.


The firm has seen major benefits using a state-of-the-art system including speed, reliability, accessibility and interoperability with all users adopting the new DMS system which is modern and robust

Enterprise Legal

Situation A global manufacturing company lacked visibility into critical legal department matters and suffered from inconsistent management of outside counsel spend, particularly in international regions. To address this, the general counsel sought to improve existing matter management and electronic billing systems and reporting. Solution Morae Global:

  • Gathered business requirements from key stakeholders and prepared a detailed implementation plan to upgrade existing systems, covering 60 countries and 800 users.
  • Crafted a migration strategy to ensure that existing legacy matters would be available to users upon go-live.
  • Led the worldwide implementation with a compressed timeline.
  • Jump-started organizational adoption by identifying and involving “support champions” early on and promoted further buy-in through marketing activities such as end-user demos and frequent communications.
Benefits By leveraging best practices and our proven methodology, the law department acquired a system to enhance productivity and efficiency with minimal time, cost and risk. The system incorporated core processes to automate workflows and standardize matter management and e-billing practices with high adoption rates to ensure the department received full value from the technology.

Situation As part of enterprise-wide sales and procurement improvement initiatives, a global manufacturer and supplier of tooling and industrial materials decided to replace its existing contract management system with a technology platform integrated across the enterprise. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Conducted interviews and workshops with stakeholder groups across all geographies and functions – including sales, finance, pricing, marketing, IP, legal and procurement – to understand and document existing processes and develop functional design documents for new ones.
  • Configured the system based on identified requirements.
  • Incorporated multiple touchpoints such as design validation, user acceptance testing and role-based training with the end users to maximize buy-in.
  • Jump-started organizational adoption by identifying “change champions.”
  • Crafted a migration strategy to ensure existing documents would be available to users upon go-live.
  • Executed a “prioritized rollout” to guarantee support was readily available.
Benefits New contract management processes leveraged the company’s enterprise-wide system to remove bottlenecks and decrease contract cycle times.

Situation A Fortune 100 global technology company sought to build a scalable and defensible legal hold program to support its increasing litigation portfolio and rising data preservation demands. The company had matured past its home-grown legal hold system and required expert guidance and support to replace it with leading technology and build supporting processes to manage its global preservation efforts. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Implemented a cloud-based legal hold and discovery workflow management solution and integrated it with HR, matter management and email archive systems.
  • Created standardized processes that balanced the department’s requirements with industry best practices in order to enhance and streamline the issuance of legal holds and submission of data preservation requests to IT.
  • Defined and executed a custom data migration strategy to systematically extract legal hold data from the legacy SharePoint system and format it for ingestion into the new platform.
  • Worked with local counsel to create geographic-specific legal hold templates and protocols to improve and monitor custodian compliance.
  • Defined tracking and reporting workflows to enable the company to measure the timeliness of collection in each geographic region.
  • Conducted hands-on training for more than 50 attorneys, paralegals, collection specialists and IT support resources and created training tutorials, quick reference guides and videos.
Benefits The company transformed its legal hold program into a mature operation that enabled it to defensibly apply a consistent framework across geographies, while providing a foundational platform supporting the legal and IT departments’ collaborative efforts to preserve and collect data in a timely manner. As a result, the company is better positioned to scale and meet future demand and train new support resources as needed.

Legal Managed Services

Situation A global energy company was looking to streamline sourcing strategy and reduce external spend. Solutions Morae Global developed a comprehensive legal services sourcing strategy that:
  • Extensively reviewed the company’s existing spend on all legal service providers.
  • Categorized the portfolio of work based on value, risk and effort involved.
  • Developed new resourcing strategies and price points (based on market benchmarks) for each type of work.
  • Refined the outside counsel policy, staffing and billing guidelines.
  • Documented roles and responsibilities for all internal and external resources.
  • Provided advice on negotiations with the law firms.
  • Updated existing electronic billing processes to incorporate alternative fee arrangement workflow and guidelines.
  • Built analytics to gauge and improve the effectiveness of alternative fee arrangements.
Benefits With newfound clarity around sourcing, staffing and retention policies and a cultural shift toward better financial discipline and accountability, the law department was able to reduce and better predict its legal spend.

Situation A global Fortune 100 company agreed to divest of approximately $5 billion of assets through multiple transactions, which required a significant infusion of senior legal talent to support its in-house legal team with an aggressive goal of executing the divestment within 18 months. Though sizable, the law department had limited in-house expertise and resources necessary to manage such a large-scale strategic initiative. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Placed a team of highly skilled and experienced Morae attorneys to supplement the in-house team to support the divestiture within 18 months. Our solution attorneys delivered a broad range of subject matter skills necessary, as well as an understanding of how to work in-house on a deal team.
  • Developed a bid process and formation of document templates to be used across all of the transactions in the project.
  • Trained all members of the deal teams on the process and templates, including business leads, outside counsel and client support groups, such as tax and finance.
Benefits By partnering with the law department, Morae attorneys were able to increase the reach and control of the law department to manage the entire transaction process, including the overseeing outside counsel. The added capacity and the range of expertise and experience made it possible for the company to meet a very aggressive schedule for a massive business initiative in a timely and cost-effective manner. Using our solution, the company realized savings on legal expenses of more than 40 percent.

Situation The law department of an international manufacturer was tasked with reducing its budget by 30 percent. There had already been a concerted and effective effort to reduce the hourly billing rates of the law firms handling its litigation. A new creative strategy was needed to achieve the kind of savings being demanded of the legal department. Solutions  Morae Global:

  • Mobilized a team of consultants and experienced Morae litigators to analyze data on spending in certain recurring types of litigation.
  • Identified 40 percent of episodic but recurring litigation activities that would be better performed internally and/or by dedicated Morae legal professionals.
  • Implemented a dedicated staffing approach that included in-house and Morae professionals who handled key aspects of discovery and base motion drafting on cases that lent themselves to repetitive approaches and processes.
Benefits By leveraging a team that actively handles key aspects of discovery and base motion drafting in cases that lend themselves to repetitive strategies and processes, the company increased its institutional knowledge and reduced the number of hours required to perform these activities. The result was greater flexibility, more scalability to support the ebb and flow of litigation, ever increasing efficiency and overall cost savings of more than 40 percent.

A large company with interests ranging from media to online businesses was operating without clear alignment between its available resources and the portfolio of work, with higher-level attorneys often performing lower-level work. This resulted in stress on internal staff, lagging service delivery and excessive use of outside counsel to handle overflow. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Conducted an internal workload assessment through a combination of workshops, interviews and surveys, including interviews and surveys of business leaders to better understand their future needs.
  • Reviewed and analyzed the collected data and compared it to industry benchmarks, paying special attention to similarly situated companies.
  • Provided tailored solutions, including Centers of Excellence to ensure the most appropriate resources were assigned to projects.
Benefits The company gained an increase in efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging the Centers of Excellence. Applying the right resources to the right work freed up senior-level attorneys for more strategic needs and business advice.

Situation The law department for a large international construction and pipeline company was operating in a highly decentralized environment where both litigation costs and volume were rising steadily. Additionally, there were no consistent protocols for selecting and managing outside counsel and other legal support vendors. Solutions Our professionals:
  • Analyzed legal spending to identify which law firms were being used most frequently and to identify opportunities for immediate savings and efficiency improvements.
  • Uncovered that firms were being sourced by individual attorneys and business clients in a reactive and uncoordinated manner, driving up costs and administrative challenges.
  • Developed standardized protocols for selecting outside counsel and implemented standard Outside Counsel Engagement Terms and Guidelines to embody the protocols and enforce uniform terms across all legal engagements.
  • Implemented technology-enabled solutions, including electronic billing and financial reporting, to enforce “best practice” engagement terms, provide access to hard data and support informed decision making.
Benefits The law department gained a uniform, data-driven approach to retaining and managing outside counsel that reduced costs, strengthened forecasting and improved internal communications. The law department also gained a better understanding of the value its firms were rendering and became equipped to engage in negotiations for alternative fee arrangements from a position of strength.

Situation The law department of an energy company was forced to downsize its internal legal department due to the economic downturn and needed a way to keep up with the volume of legal issues despite budget cuts and headcount reduction. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Identified the gaps in legal support that would exist for certain types of contract negotiation and support as a result of the downsizing.
  • Developed a plan for providing consistent support for a consistent price.
  • Placed Morae attorneys with industry-specific knowledge and practical experience to handle the drafting and negotiation of master service agreements and real estate matters.
Benefits Utilizing our flexible solution, the client realized savings of 40 percent along with the ability to provide scalable (both up and down) legal support, allowing the business to continue to function effectively. Additionally, the experience and industry knowledge of the Morae lawyers resulted in a further refinement of the law department’s approach to contractual issues, positioning it to be better aligned with the overall business strategy.

Situation A large international engineering, procurement and construction company’s litigation docket had expanded in size and cost due to several large-dollar, high-profile international disputes. Solution Morae Global:
  • Working closely with the litigation team, we developed a new case management model to emphasize project management and rely upon newly developed standardized protocols and guidelines for each step of the litigation life cycle.
  • Analyzed how the client sourced and managed its law firms and other support providers and identified areas for improvement.
  • Conducted a detailed spend analysis to uncover the true drivers of litigation spending, highlighting inefficiencies and redundancy.
  • Developed a strategic, systematic approach to unbundling legal work and intelligently sourcing for each phase of litigation.
  • Standardized electronic discovery protocols with the twin goals of defensibility and efficiency.
  • Developed legal project management principles to provide task clarity for law firms, internal resources and third-party providers.
  • Established a law firm engagement and oversight process that relies upon alternative fee arrangements that share the risk and reward.
Benefits By transforming the way it approaches litigation and implementing a holistic and scalable matter and resource management model, the law department reduced costs, improved predictability, strengthened partnerships and demonstrated value throughout the organization.

Situation A large energy infrastructure company needed to revise templates for a large number of specialized agreements, but did not have the time or expertise to complete the work quickly enough to meet the business’s requirements in a cost-effective manner. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Placed a Morae attorney on the project to work closely with the business and under the management of the in-house lawyers to revise templates and drive a streamlined agreement that is consistent with company strategy.
  • Negotiated a fixed fee arrangement to reduce cost and improve predictability
Benefits Time to complete these important templates went from “no real plan” to “done” in a matter of weeks with no distraction, allowing the law department to incorporate this important building block while continuing to focus on more strategic work. Additionally, our predictable pricing solution resulted in a 40 percent savings for this work compared to the alternative solutions the department had been considering.

Situation A Fortune 100 company sought to increase its responsiveness and expertise in support of its information technology licensing and real estate agreements, which are noncore, but important aspects of its business. The immediacy of the issue was heightened by the need to assist in the due diligence and assignment of a large volume of information technology licenses as part of the multibillion-dollar sale of a business unit. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Placed appropriately skilled Morae attorneys to support the client in completing the analysis and transfer of technology licenses so that a major transaction could be completed in a timely manner.
  • Continued supporting the client post-transaction for all negotiating, drafting and counsel related to technology licensing.
  • Leveraged our experience and understanding of the company’s licensing processes and strategies and identified improvements to reduce the spend by 30 percent going forward.
Benefits By outsourcing the support of important, but noncore work to seasoned professionals with significant experience, the company was able to scale up quickly to handle a short-term project at a reasonable cost. On a longer-term basis, the company was able to reduce its spend on the lawyers it engaged while reducing the amount of attorney hours required to support the business. Response time decreased and quality of support increased as costs went down.

Situation A private equity firm did not have a law department and needed to complete its nine-figure acquisition of an international company. The firm wanted a comprehensive legal strategy to address issues spanning multiple jurisdictions and to control costs for the acquisition. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Placed a team of Morae attorneys to serve as the private equity firm’s office of the general counsel.
  • Developed a comprehensive legal strategy for the acquisition, including building out the skill sets necessary for the team, including skills and expertise needed from outside counsel.
  • Quarterbacked a team of multinational jurisdictional outside counsel to efficiently manage and close the transaction.
Benefits With Morae attorneys serving as its office of the general counsel, the firm’s legal strategy remained in total alignment with its management’s objectives. The strategy, staffing, management and execution of the legal side of the acquisition were well understood and in lockstep with the business. Management was free to focus on the business issues while achieving savings of 40 percent on legal fees as compared to comparable outside law firm rates.

Situation The law department for a mining company did not have the legal resources necessary to support the potential sale of the company. To control costs, the company wanted to coordinate and control the due diligence and data room process, as well as the production and drafting of disclosure schedules for the purchase and sale agreement internally, rather than relying completely on outside counsel. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Provided a team of Morae attorneys to work with outside counsel to complete the transaction. This included responsibility for the coordination and control of the due diligence and data room process and the production and drafting of disclosure schedules for the purchase and sale agreement.
Benefits The company gained access to legal professionals who understood how to effectively administer a large transaction from an in-house perspective, which provided greater efficiency and control. The company achieved cost savings of 40 percent.

On Demand

Situation A global chemical company needed strategic support to assist it in managing its legal service providers in the various jurisdictions and businesses in which it engaged. Solutions Morae Global:

  • Provided a senior Morae attorney effectively to serve as the general counsel under a fixed fee arrangement.
  • Provided a team of other legal professionals with skill sets useful in carrying out the legal services required. This variable resource group acted as a virtual office of the general counsel and provided a range of services that could be handled more efficiently and cost-effectively in-house.
  • Created a structure to execute legal issues in alignment with the company’s business.
  • Implemented a strategy and process to qualify outside firms before engagement and manage their performance for the company.
Benefits The company benefited from continuity of service and the strategic legal thinking aligned with the business. Our team focused on improving processes with an eye toward reducing the amount of legal work required, increasing efficiency through knowledge management and lowering costs. With a fixed fee arrangement for general counsel services set at far less than a full-time employee with a similar skill level and alternative fee arrangements for special projects, the company enjoyed predictability where appropriate and great flexibility in how it used the broader resources available.

Situation A global Fortune 100 company has an ongoing acquisition strategy that results in periodic transactions that require outside resources. Because of the episodic nature of the transactions and the variance in size, the cost of going to the traditional outside counsel firms had been a drain on legal budgets and corporate resources. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Developed institutional processes for preparation of deal templates, schedules and ancillary documents while coordinating timelines and closing checklists.
  • Built a deal team that created and maintained the data rooms and managed all steps in the process.
  • Scaled the deal team according to deal requirements at any given time.
Benefits By providing consistency in staffing these projects, increasing efficiency and using lower-cost resources, the company was able to reduce transaction costs by more than 40 percent. The company gained greater flexibility and control, and transactions were executed quickly and effectively.

Situation A Fortune 100 company was in the midst of a multibillion-dollar refinancing on a tight timeline, but it lacked the internal human resources or experience to complete the transaction. Solutions Our professionals:

  • Placed a team of attorneys to assist in setting up the data room, reviewing the relevant documents and gathering internal documentation necessary for collateralization of the refinancing.
  • Coordinated with outside counsel to complete the review and comment on documentation from the company’s perspective in a timely manner.
  • Updated management on status, issues and deal terms.
Benefits The company gained access to a team of legal professionals who understood how to effectively administer a large transaction from an in-house perspective. This allowed the company the flexibility to call on such resources to bolster the in-house capabilities without paying outside counsel rates or staffing up internally for a specific event, and the company achieved cost savings of 30 percent.

Situation A large manufacturing company with an international law department was concerned about the looming risk of attrition and “brain drain” from senior team members. Solutions By working with senior leadership in the law department and partnering closely with HR business partners, Morae Global designed a comprehensive Talent Management Program that:
  • Developed career advancement and training opportunities.
  • Customized career ladders to provide clear paths for growth and advancement.
  • Created rotational opportunities for professional development and retention of top and “high-potential” talent.
  • Built a functional training calendar to shore up critical skills.
Benefits The law department improved employee retention rates by “growing its own” while building bench strength for workload spikes and unwanted attrition. The company’s lawyers and other legal professionals discovered a newfound passion and dedication for their work, as demonstrated by overall service delivery to the business.

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