What do the End-of-Life Notices for iManage FileSite, DeskSite and the IDOL Indexer Mean for your Firm?

September 21, 2022


Document Management


iManage have announced that several products will fall out of maintenance and support from the end of 2023. These products, including FileSite, DeskSite and the IDOL Indexer have all been staples to the iManage suite for many years, so there is potential for concern how this will affect firms. In this webinar, Morae’s Ray Burch and Emma Furnivall will cover:

  • A breakdown of each end-of-life notice and an overview of the impact each notice will have within your iManage environment
  • Successor products from iManage to replace impacted products and the path to implement these
  • Impact of API end of life notices on desktop and server 3rd party integrations
  • Future state examples and options to ensure your iManage environment is compliant

About the Presenters

Ray is Director of Sales Engineering at Morae. During his 14-year Tenure, Ray has worn several hats including heading the presales and the development teams. Ray has focused on regulatory compliance and risk reduction, delivering many document management and knowledge management projects.

Ray Burch
Director at Morae

Emma is a Senior Pre-Sales consultant with over 5 years of experience within the iManage ecosystem, starting in a Support capacity and moving into the PreSales team. Emma has vast experience advising on and scoping complex document management, security and compliance projects.

Emma Furnivall
Senior Associate at Morae