Andrew Sobolewski

Senior Director


[email protected]



I am Andrew Sobolewski. I am responsible for the Global Data Management Team here at Morae. Our primary goal is to provide innovative solutions to our clients data needs, and delivering on those solutions with the highest quality possible.

I have more than 13 years of relevant vendor, legal and technology experience in the eDiscovery field. I am a Relativity Certified Administrator who has performed tasks ranging from Critical Incident Management to planning and performing Relativity upgrades. My primary focus is ensuring operational excellence and being steadfast in meeting goals and delivering results. I have designed, organized, and deployed innovative solutions ranging from complex migrations, SaaS agreements, self service models, as well as complete operational support for multi-terabyte projects.

Why Morae?

I joined Morae when I heard about how the Global Data Management Team works as a true cohesive global unit, this is something that is hard to achieve and the team here has successfully implemented. The knowledge and expertise that the team has is unparalleled in the industry and it shows in our work product.

Discovery can be a complicated field with many moving parts. Utilizing technology, and our understanding of advanced analytics, the Morae team and I can work to truly simplify and streamline this process.