David Boswell

Chief Experience Officer


[email protected]


I focus on bringing consistency of client service across all our solution areas, driving operational efficiencies, and ensuring that technology is at the heart of everything we do for our clients.

My responsibilities additionally include development of Morae’s technology strategy across the business. In this respect, I lead our global information technology and security teams, along with our product and engineering teams, with the goal of enhancing Morae’s Discovery and Information Management solutions and building upon a portfolio of products that today serves hundreds of clients globally.


I have spent nearly two decades working in the legal document and content management space. I have worked in both a technical and project leadership capacity, helping large law firms and corporate legal departments design solutions to improve their information governance strategies. Working with organizations such as BP, Barclays, Fidelity Investments, Freshfields and Borden Ladner Gervais, I have worked with both the business and technical teams to provide guidance and experience to deliver successful projects.

Why Morae?

I came over from Phoenix which has always prided itself on our passion for client service and project delivery. We believe that by hiring the best people and providing them a culture to learn and develop, they will deliver excellence to our clients. Morae shares this passion and adds wider industry experience to our technical capabilities, further strengthening the value proposition we provide.

I focus on ensuring a secure, performant and innovative platform to empower our employees and clients with the ability to tap into the underlying data and harness unique insights for more informed decision making.