Hayley Day

Senior Director


[email protected]


I am Hayley Day. For over a decade, I have collaborated with law firms and corporate legal departments to drive digital transformation initiatives, service their business as a strategic partner, and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

My expertise lies in guiding clients through change management processes, strategic transformations, and the implementation of technology solutions that align with their business objectives. As a licensed attorney, I appreciate the unique challenges and priorities faced by legal professionals.


Central to my approach is gaining a comprehensive understanding of my clients’ pain points and goals, enabling me to deliver tailored strategies that empower their teams. I am enthusiastic about exploring the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance my clients’ businesses and feel privileged to assist them in evaluating and adopting solutions that best suit their needs.

Why Morae?

I chose Morae Global for its versatility and industry-leading expertise as a trusted partner to its customers. Morae’s commitment to excellence, innovation, accountability, integrity, and collaboration aligns seamlessly with my professional values and goals.